Welcome to the Sinai-Grace Hospital Birthing Center

Having a baby is one of the biggest joys you can experience. At the Sinai-Grace Hospital Birthing Center, located in Northwest Detroit, we provide a complete array of services to ensure that the childbirth experience is safe and pleasant for mom and the whole family.

The Sinai-Grace Birthing Center welcomes nearly 1,100 babies every year. Here are some demonstrations of Sinai-Grace’s commitment to optimizing the health of mothers and babies:

  • Sinai-Grace participates in Michigan AIMS (Alliance for Innovation in Maternal Health), a national maternal safety and quality improvement initiative whose goal is to implement maternal safety bundles in hospitals to improve care, prevent complications during labor and delivery and reduce maternal deaths.
  • Sinai-Grace is a participating hospital for the Obstetrics Initiative (OBI), a state-wide quality improvement project that is currently focusing on lowering cesarean delivery rates among low-risk patients.

Our Facility

Sinai-Grace birthing room

Our spacious, private birthing suites off private care from labor through recovery, with comfortable sleeping accommodations for fathers. Other features include:

  • Experienced OB-trained nurses teach new moms how to care for their baby
  • Anesthesia; a variety of pain relief options are available
  • 24 hour security camera monitors
  • Hearing tests for all newborns as required by state of Michigan
  • Infant CPR training for parents of NICU babies
  • Lactation counselors are available to provide hands-on assistance and tips to help make breastfeeding a successful experience
  • Social workers for mothers in need of resources and assistance

Labor and Delivery Options

Every expecting mother wants to have a unique birthing experience that meets her needs. The Sinai-Grace Birthing Center is pleased to offer a variety of birthing options:

  • Anesthesia – a variety of pain relief options are available
  • Showers During Labor – available in each of our private labor/delivery rooms
  • Birthing Ball – can help women get into positions that may alleviate discomfort, help position the baby for delivery, prevent back strain and encourage the progression of labor
  • Music Therapy – available for patients who want to bring and play soft music during their labor

Post Delivery Options

We offer a range of support after you deliver your bundle of joy including lactation and pelvic pain/incontinence services. To learn more, visit the General Obstetrics Services page.

My Labor & Birth Preferences

Please download and complete or ask your provider for a copy during your next visit. This indicates your preferences to help us better personalize and prepare for your labor.

Please discuss labor and delivery options with your physician or healthcare provider.

Advanced Care for Mothers

No woman wants to hear that there may be complications with her pregnancy. If this happens, you’ll want to know that you’re in expert hands. Sinai-Grace Hospital has maternal fetal medicine specialists, also called perinatologists, who focus on the diagnosis and treatment of women who are at high risk for problems during pregnancy. These providers:

  • Are obstetricians who have also completed additional years of training in high-risk pregnancy, and have expertise in medical complications during pregnancy, higher risk pregnancy-specific conditions, obstetric ultrasonography, prenatal genetics, prenatal diagnosis and fetal therapies.
  • Work with your obstetric provider to coordinate prenatal care along with specialized testing and procedures to ensure the best possible outcome.

Additionally, Sinai-Grace has three state-of-the art surgery suited located on the OB unit for planned and emergency Caesarian sections.

Advanced Care for Babies

nurse caring for babyFor those born prematurely, or with special needs, we have comprehensive resources to provide the special care your child needs.

  • A dedicated Neonatal Intensive Care Unit that provides advanced medical treatment for critically ill infants and newborns needing specialized care
  • We have a dedicated neonatologist on staff 24 hours a day.
  • Our partnership with DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan and its comprehensive number of pediatric specialists enables access to the most advanced critical care for babies born with congenital or special health needs.
  • PANDA One, the state's only pediatric and neonatal dedicated ambulance, is on-call to provide specialized transportation for children and newborns that need to receive care at DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

Our Care Team

  • Obstetric (OB) House Physician; in house, 24/7 to care for women before, during and after delivery
  • Medical Doctor of Anesthesiology (MDA): specialize in anesthesia care, pain management and critical care medicine
  • Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA): advanced practice nurse in house, 24/7 to administer and monitor patients receiving anesthesia and other medications
  • Neonatologist: on staff and available for the treatment and care of newborn babies requiring specialized care
  • Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) physician: on staff, specially trained to diagnose, monitor and treat pregnancy complications in women and their unborn children
  • Pediatrician – in house, 24/7 to care for babies, children and teens Certified Registered
  • Registered Nurses (RNs): obstetric nurses have been trained with neonatal resuscitation, advanced cardiac life support and electronic fetal monitoring
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Neonatal pharmacist
  • Social Workers
  • Audio Technician
  • Lactation Counselors: registered nurses (RNs) that help moms to breastfeed as well provide prenatal education and preparation for expecting couples

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