Welcome to the DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital Birthing Center

Having a baby is a joyous time for you and your family. Located in Midtown Detroit on the DMC campus, the team at DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital Birthing Center combines nationally recognized obstetric care with our compassionate staff, comfortable rooms and advanced technology.

In fact, DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital has been ranked multiple times by U.S. News & World Report as one of the nation’s best obstetrics and gynecology hospitals. Hutzel, in partnership with Wayne State University, is one of the top teaching and research hospitals in Michigan.

DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital specializes in the care of both traditional and high-risk moms and babies, and offers the only Maternal Special Care unit for pregnant women in the tri-county area.

Our Facility

Hutzel postpartum room

Our spacious, private postpartum suites are designed to make mothers and their families feel right at home. Our comfortable rooms include many special amenities that mothers and their families have asked for, including sleeping accommodations for their support person, a large flat screen television and internet access. Some other features include:

  • Nurses with advanced training and certification in breastfeeding support, fetal monitoring, obstetrics and neonatal care
  • Showers in labor/delivery rooms for added comfort during labor
  • Advanced surgical suites designed for C-sections
  • Mother/Baby Unit for moms and babies to share a spacious, private room
  • Comfortable sleeping accommodations for birthing partners
  • Certified lactation consultants for hands-on assistance
  • Maternal Special Care unit for close monitoring of pregnant women with complex medical conditions
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for babies requiring more advanced medical attention
  • Special Care Nursery for babies who require closer monitoring
  • 24-hour security camera monitors
  • Social workers for mothers in need of resources and assistance

Labor and Delivery Options

Every expecting mother wants to have a unique birthing experience which meets her needs. DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital is pleased to offer options to help customize your hospital birth experience:

  • Anesthesia – provides various options for labor pain relief and comfort management
  • Wireless Monitoring – allows you to move more freely while accurately monitoring vitals
  • Showers During Labor – available in each of our private labor/delivery rooms
  • Birthing Ball – can help women get into positions that may alleviate discomfort, help position the baby for delivery, prevent back strain and encourage the progression of labor
  • Music Therapy – available for patients who want to bring and play soft music during their labor

Post Delivery Options

We offer a range of support after you deliver your bundle of joy including lactation and pelvic pain/incontinence services. To learn more, visit the General Obstetrics Services page.

My Labor & Birth Preferences

Please download and complete or ask your provider for a copy during your next visit. This indicates your preferences to help us better personalize and prepare for your labor.

Please discuss labor and delivery options with your OB/GYN or healthcare provider.

Advanced Care for Mothers

No woman wants to hear that there may be complications with her pregnancy. If this happens, you’ll want to know that you’re in highly-skilled hands. DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital has maternal-fetal medicine physicians, also called perinatologists, who focus on the diagnosis and treatment of women who are at high risk for problems during pregnancy. These providers:

  • Are obstetricians who have also completed additional years of training in high-risk pregnancy and have experience with medical complications during pregnancy, higher risk pregnancy-specific conditions, obstetric ultrasonography, prenatal genetics, prenatal diagnosis and fetal therapies
  • Work with your obstetrician to coordinate prenatal care along with specialized testing and procedures to ensure the best possible outcome

High-Risk Pregnancies

For women with serious health problems, the stress of childbirth can be life threatening. That’s why DMC Women and Infant Services created the Maternal Special Care Unit at DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital—the only unit of its kind in the tri-county area for pregnant women who need advanced care and monitoring during labor and after delivery.

Advanced Care for Babies

For those babies whose medical condition requires significant care, learn about the specialized newborn care  at our nationally acclaimed DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

  • Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides advanced care to critically ill newborns and premature babies, some delivered as early as 23 weeks. Infants receive multidisciplinary care from our highly-trained team of NICU physicians, nurses and specialists.
  • Our Special Care Nursery provides specialized care and monitoring for newborns facing complications during their first days of life. The nursery is staffed by specially trained nurses and respiratory therapists who are prepared for several therapies, including IV therapy, oxygen, nutritional therapy and phototherapy.
  • We have neonatologists on staff available for the treatment and care of newborn babies requiring specialized care.
  • Our partnership with the DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan and its comprehensive team of pediatric specialists enables access to the most advanced critical care for babies born with congenital or special health needs.
  • PANDA One, the state's only pediatric and neonatal dedicated ambulance, is on-call to provide specialized transportation for infants and children who need to receive care at DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

Childbirth Classes and Tours

We are pleased to offer free classes and a tour for those delivering at Hutzel. All classes are taught by our experienced nursing staff. Classes will provide the knowledge and skills to help prepare you for pregnancy, labor and delivery, the early postpartum days, and assist you in making informed decisions about your care. For the health of our patients and visitors, classes and tours are limited in size. Online registration is required.

Class/Tour Details and Registration

Additional Resources

Hutzel's Hospital Birthing Center Stories

As Michigan’s first and only hospital for women, Hutzel Women’s Hospital has been The Destination for Women’s Care since 1868. Physicians throughout Michigan look to Hutzel as a referral center for their high-risk patients.

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About Us

Hutzel is considered one of the nation’s premier hospitals — ranked on the U.S. News & World Report “America’s Best Hospitals” list. A member of the Detroit Medical Center, and in partnership with Wayne State University, Hutzel is also one of the top teaching and research hospitals in Michigan.

As part of the Detroit Medical Center, Hutzel Women’s Hospital aspires to be the premier health care resource in Southeast Michigan and among the finest health care centers in the United States through excellence in the provision of clinical care enhanced by education and research. In all clinical endeavors, quality of care is paramount. In addition, the DMC and Hutzel believe access to quality health care is the right of every human being. The DMC — along with local, state and federal government — supports a unique Public Mission to residents of the communities we serve to assure this right is preserved.

Hutzel Women’s Specialty areas of practice and research include maternal fetal medicine; a comfortable and technologically advanced birthing center; advanced care for newborns, in partnership with Children’s Hospital of Michigan; long-term birth control minimally invasive gynecology incontinence and Urogynecology menopause and other women’s health services including the state-of-the-art DaVinci Surgical System.

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