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A Bright and Promising Future

Between 2012 and 2016, DMC invested $77 million in Sinai-Grace over three phases of construction, making it the largest construction project in Northwest Detroit in over 10 years. Phase I of the project was completed in 2014 and resulted in a new 59,000 square foot Emergency Department and Trauma Center that tripled the size of the former ER and features all-private patient rooms. Phase II was completed in February 2015 and produced two new technologically-advanced, family-centered Intensive Care Units. Phase III resulted in a modern and bright new entrance, expansive 18,000 square foot lobby, new roomy registration suite, and expanded radiology area which all opened in June 2015. Phase III was completed in January 2016 with the opening of the new and expanded laboratory.

Since this major construction project completed in early 2016, Sinai-Grace has continued to invest in the hospital's facility with renovated patient care units, cath lab and advanced surgical technology.

A Look at Our Noble Past

Since 1888, two hospitals with roots in the community boldly consolidated services under one roof in April 1999. The former Sinai and Grace hospitals joined to create the leading community academic hospital in northwest Detroit and relocated to the former Mount Carmel Hospital building.

Grace Hospital, founded in 1888, was named after one of the founder's daughters, Grace McMillan Jarvis. Sinai Hospital's roots go back to a clinic opened by Harry Saltzstein, M.D., in 1922. Sinai Hospital first opened its hospital doors in January 1953 to give Jewish healthcare professionals a place to practice and as a central institution for the Jewish community.

LifeTrees Sculpture Symbolizes History and Future

Sculpture of LifeTrees centrally-located in the new expansive lobby of Sinai-Grace are the commissioned artworks of The Nordin brothers from The Detroit Design Center. Fitting with DMC's quest to be an important part of Detroit and support Detroit entrepreneurs, the "LifeTrees" sculptures symbolically tell the story of Sinai-Grace's rich and impactful past, while strongly signaling a bright and influential future in the health of Northwestern Detroiters and the surrounding communities it serves.

Monday: Open 24 hrs
Tuesday: Open 24 hrs
Wednesday: Open 24 hrs
Thursday: Open 24 hrs
Friday: Open 24 hrs
Saturday: Open 24 hrs
Sunday: Open 24 hrs

DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital parking hours of operation

Call 911 if you have a medical emergency

Service & Conditions

Sinai-Grace General Surgery Residency

The Sinai-Grace general surgery residency program accepts three new residents per year. Residents work closely with boar...

Wound Care

Detroit Medical Center Wound Care is dedicated to and focused on the treatment of patients with chronic wounds.


Urology is the field of medicine that focuses on the urinary tracts of males and females and on the reprodu. Read more

DMC Trauma Centers

Detroit Medical Center offers emergency care across the greater metro-Detroit region, including specialized trauma care ...

Stroke Treatment

The DMC is dedicated to stroke care before, during and after it happens. For info/appointment, call: 1-888-DMC-2500.

Spiritual Support

Spiritual Care Services provides spiritual and emotional support to patients, family members, friends & staff members.

Sleep Study

Sleep is essential to good health. Poor sleep quality can affect concentration, daytime performance, memory and ...

Robotic Surgery

The da Vinci Xi robot allows Detroit Medical Center’s surgeons to operate through a few small incisions, using tiny, pre...

Radiology Services by Location

DMC Imaging centers offer: 24-hour turnaround of report to your referring physician, CD of your imaging procedure FREE!

Pulmonary Care

At the DMC Lung Institute, patients don’t have one doctor – they have a team, providing comprehensive pulmonary care.

Primary Care

Detroit Medical Center is your best resource for primary care physicians, connected to the full spectrum of specialists

Physical Therapy

For over 50 years, Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM), has been helping people rebuild their lives after a serio...


Bone and joint problems don’t discriminate – they can happen to anyone, at any age. Ortho specialist, call 888-DMC-2500


Need Eye Surgery in Detroit? DMC partner, Kresge Eye Institute is considered one of the nations leading vision centers.


DMC Women and Infant Services has the experts you need and the care you want. Need a specialist? Call, (877) 226-2070.


DMC neurosurgeons treat the full range of conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Detroit Medical Center offers inpatient rehabilitation at two specialty hospitals and one community-based hospital.


Hospice care is a philosophy of caring that assists those nearing the end of life and in need of refuge.


DMC's Gastroenterologists are physicians with training in management of diseases of the organs of the digestive tract.


DMC cancer center experts know that you are unique and will develop a treatment plan designed to best target your indivi...


Nephrology concerns itself with the diagnosis of kidney disease and its treatment, including kidney dialysis.


From interest in long-term birth control to more information about our minimally invasive gynecological procedures, DMC

General Surgery

DMC holds a leadership position in all key surgical disciplines, by recruiting the best physicians more

Diagnostic Imaging

DMC Radiologists use advanced imaging technologies and image-guided procedures to improve patient outcomes. Know more.


DMC has dedicated powerful resources to creating Cardiac Care centers which are leaders in the region for research and c...

Emergency Room

The Detroit Medical Center is a leader in emergency medicine providing hope and healing for generations. DMC connects pa...