We’re excited to partner with one of the nation’s leading medical centers for the preservation of sight. The Kresge Eye Institute's clinical ophthalmologists treat more than 90,000 patients and perform nearly 4,000 surgical procedures each year.

A History of Eye Care Excellence

The institute began in 1948 and developed an international reputation for its pioneering eye research program, making it a major referral center for the treatment of difficult vision problems. The institute has been a part of Wayne State University since 1966, and is an integral part of the University's School of Medicine, directing all ophthalmological services for Wayne State University and the Detroit Medical Center. Patients come from throughout the Midwest for highly specialized care in ophthalmologic areas such as:

  • Glaucoma and filtering surgery
  • Cataract and lens implant surgery
  • Corneal transplantation and refractive surgery
  • Neuro-ophthalmologic
  • Orbital diseases and plastic surgery
  • Retinal disease and vitreous surgery
  • Diabetic eye care

Kresge Eye Institute's specialists strive to make each patient’s visit a friendly, comfortable experience. Services include:

Routine Vision Services

Anyone whose vision is not considered “normal,” or whose vision interferes with their ability to perform visual tasks related to daily living is a candidate for vision rehabilitation services.

Ophthalmology Services