Learn More About Natural Childbirth

Dec 10, 2020

More and more couples are opting for a natural childbirth experience to welcome their new baby into the world. At the Harris Women’s Center at Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital, caregivers are committed to helping laboring moms achieve their desired delivery experience.

Moms who choose what is also referred to as an “unmedicated birth” say they believe this option gives them more sense of control throughout the labor process.

The Harris Women’s Center offers several options to assist moms with successful labor progression. Those amenities include wireless fetal monitoring which allows mom to move freely throughout the room and hallways while baby’s heart rate and contractions are transmitted for monitoring and an Early Labor Walking Path that provides moms the freedom to move throughout several floors of the hospital during early labor. An online app and various stations throughout the hallways and stairwells offer tips for stretching and breathing exercises, information on how to use a birthing ball, how to choose a pediatrician and much more.

Moms today welcome trying different positions during the labor process to achieve more comfortable positions which are also physically the most helpful for labor and birthing. The inflatable, comfortable, upright birthing support, also known as the CUB birthing support, allows mom to achieve comfortable and relaxing positioning whether that is sitting on, kneeling against or leaning on the support.

Another helpful aid is the peanut-shaped birthing ball that can help mom achieve the desired upright position for successful labor progression. It can even be used in bed during active labor. Another option is the birthing bar that provides a means of support to assist moms who may feel more comfortable giving birth in a squatting position versus lying on her back.

Natural childbirth can be a beautiful experience. To learn more about labor and delivery services at Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital, visit the Harris Women’s Center online here.