DMC Embraces Doula Services for Empowered Maternal Care

At the Detroit Medical Center (DMC), we understand that the journey through pregnancy is a transformative and profound experience for mothers. Recognizing the importance of comprehensive support during this pivotal time, DMC proudly embraces and integrates the services of a patient’s doula into our maternal care initiatives.

Patient-selected doulas are not merely welcomed at DMC; they are members of a patient’s maternal care team. As health providers selected independently by expectant mothers, doulas collaborate with DMC medical professionals in labor, delivery, and postpartum care. This collaborative approach helps to ensure that mothers receive a holistic and supportive network, encompassing the compassionate guidance that doulas bring to the table.

Multiple studies suggest that continuous support by doulas may lead to significant reductions in cesarean births, instrumental vaginal deliveries (using an instrument to assist in the birth of the baby), the need for medication to advance labor, and shortened durations of labor.

The Role of Doulas: An Important Role in Maternal Health

Doulas can play an important role in providing emotional and informational support, ensuring that mothers feel empowered and well-guided throughout their pregnancy journey. Within a healthcare team, doulas can collaborate in every aspect of maternal care – from labor to delivery and through the postpartum period.

Doula Services FAQ

Committed to Empowering Mothers

Our commitment to empowering mothers goes beyond medical care. By seamlessly integrating doulas into our maternal health programs, DMC aims to enhance the overall experience for expectant mothers. The inclusion of doulas helps ensure that mothers receive not only the necessary medical care but also personalized guidance and emotional support, contributing to healthier outcomes for both mothers and babies.

For more information and to find registered doulas in the state of Michigan, visit MDHHS Doula Registry.

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