Executive Management Team

Brittany Lavis
Group Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Brittany Lavis
Gary Purushotham
Chief Executive Officer, DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital
Photo of Gary Purushotham
Tommy Tran
Group Chief Operating Officer, DMC
Chief Operating Officer, DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital
Photo of Tommy Tran
Brady Dubois
Chief Executive Officer, Detroit Medical Center Adult Central Campus
Photo of Brady Dubois
Archie Drake
interim Chief Executive Officer, Children’s Hospital of Michigan
Photo of Archie Drake
Patty Jobbitt, MSA, PT
Chief Executive Officer, DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan
Photo of Patty Jobbitt, MSA, PT
Rudolph P. Valentini, MD
Group Chief Medical Officer
Photo of Rudolph P. Valentini, MD
Sheri Underwood, MSN, BSN
Group Chief Nursing Officer
Photo of Sheri Underwood, MSN, BSN
Ron Sagritalo
Chief Compliance Officer
Photo of Ron Sagritalo
Allison DeMarais
Group Chief Human Resources Officer
Photo of Allison DeMarais
Brian Taylor
Director of Communications and Media Relations
Photo of Brian Taylor