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Materials Resource Management

Dear Business Associate:

The Materials Resource Management department under the direction of Donald Groth, Corporate Vice President, MRM, is responsible for the supply chain continuum at the Detroit Medical Center. That continuum includes product standardization, acquisition, receipt, and delivery.

Materials Resource Management Administration can be reached at (313) 578-2660.

Vendor Setup Information

The department is organized into the following functional areas:

CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION / VALUE ANALYSIS under the direction of Janet Abbruzzese, Market Director Supply Chain and Sommer Eagle, Director of Value Analysis, are responsible for:

  • Coordination and oversight of Value Analysis and standardization of clinical supplies and equipment
  • Analyzing supply chain work flow in clinical areas, developing and implementing process improvement
  • Analyzing cost, clinical efficacy and overall cost performance of high cost medical supplies
  • Ensuring products selected maintain levels of quality, safety, clinical efficacy, as well as total cost performance
  • MEDVAT and SURGVAT team efforts

Contract Administration can be reached at (313) 578-2660. 

CLINICAL ENGINEERING, under the direction of  Chuck Connor, Director, is responsible for:

  • Developing Clinical Engineering strategy that provides the highest level of safety and reliability for medical equipment to the clinical staff
  • Coordination of the System Medical Equipment Maintenance Programs
  • Oversight of contracted clinical/medical equipment service providers
  • Development of system Policies and Procedures related to equipment maintenance and service
  • Coordination and interaction with various regulatory agencies related to medical equipment

Clinical Engineering can be reached at (313) 578-2824.

LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT, under the direction of Mike Weathersby, Director, is responsible for:

  • Replenishment of patient care supplies
  • Copy Centers and stand-alone copiers
  • Formal receipt and delivery of all products
  • Mail Services
  • Warehousing
  • Supply Chain Initiatives, under the direction of Eric Krisko, Manager, is responsible for:
    • Operational Oversight of ValueLink Stockless Program
    • Establishment of new PAR (Periodic Automatic Replenishment) Locations
    • Ongoing PAR Optimization
    • Inventory Control and Supply Depots
    • Point of Service Units (Starsys/Pyxis)

Logistics Management (Mike and Eric) can be reached at (313) 745-2601.

under the direction of Richard Gold, Director, is responsible for:

  • Daily processing of Purchase Orders
  • Assisting in implementation of product standardization efforts
  • Development and enforcing compliance with procurement related policies
  • Contract Administration
    • Contract negotiations and compliance monitorin
    • Bids and Proposal
    • Vendor selection and compliance
    • Pricing
    • Supplier Diversity

Mary Crites, Manager, along with Purchasing and contract administration for facilities and administrative services, can be reached at (313) 578-2650.

SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT, under the direction of Matthew Bagazinski, Director, is responsible for:

  • Liaison with Detroit Medical Center Information Services
  • First-line support of the computer applications used in Procurement, Logistics Management, and Accounts Payable
  • End-user training for these applications
  • Liaison with vendor community related to electronic commerce
  • Regulatory compliance and monitoring

Systems Development Analysts can be reached at  (313) 578-2705.

 Christine Blue, Analyst

 Eric Cracium, Financial Specialist

 Cherricka Hardy, Analyst

 Deborah McLellan, Analyst

OR SUPPLY CHAIN, under the direction of John Bauer, Director, is responsible for:  

  • Inventory Consolidation
  • Supply Standardization
  • Cost Savings
  • Service Line Efficiency 

Bruce Lawrence, Manager, OR Supply Chain – Downtown Campus

Patrick Carden, Manager, OR Supply Chain – SGH/HVSH/DSH/Berry

Cathy Miller, Supply Chain Administrator – Downtown Campus

Dean Castronero, Supply Chain Administrator – SGH/HVSH/DSH/Berry

OR Supply can be reached at (313)578.2860.

LINEN SERVICES under the direction of  Ethan Carr, Director of Operations, who is responsible for:

  • Processing and distribution of all hospital linen and ambulatory sites.
  • Ethan can be reached at (313) 966-7316 and at  DMC pager 6700.
  •  Supervisor Bessie Bradley (313) 966-3032 and pager #0002; Supervisor Kennan Tucker (313) 745-8997 and pager #95283.

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