Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Detroit Medical Center for my health care needs?
When you choose DMC, you are choosing a comprehensive system that has been consistent in its standard of high quality care for decades. DMC is at the forefront of clinical quality with the latest in medical treatments and technology. With its eight hospitals and Institutes, including Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Detroit Receiving Hospital, Harper University Hospital, Huron Valley-Sinai Grace Hospital, Hutzel Women’s Hospital, Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, and Sinai-Grace Hospital.

Where is the DMC main campus?
Detroit Medical Center is located in the City of Detroit, in Southeast Michigan, across the Detroit River border from Windsor, Canada, and adjacent to Dearborn, Michigan. DMC also has hospitals in western Detroit, and in Oakland County, to the north and west of the city.

What is the average cost for a consultation?
The average cost for a consultation can range from $200 - $300 depending on medical specialty. Fees quotes are inclusive of the physician and facility fee and are significantly discounted.

How can I remit payment for the services I receive?
Payments are accepted in U.S. dollars, cash, traveler’s checks and major credit cards. All payment is expected before receiving services. Wire transfer can be used; your International Services Coordinator can assist you.

How quickly can I get an appointment for services at DMC?
Diagnostic services such as MRI, CT or PET scan are within 72 hours. Your International Services Coordinator will assist you to ensure your appointment is prompt, efficient and convenient.

Do I need to bring my medical records?
Yes. This allows the specialist you are seeing to review all information relevant to your care. We will provide a list of what records are needed and assist you in obtaining them from the medical facility and/or provider. You may be asked to sign a “Release of Medical Information Form” in order for your International Services Coordinator to request the necessary medical records on your behalf.

What about International Insurance?
International Services will obtain your international insurance information and contact your carrier to verify coverage and obtain authorization. Once authorization has been received International Services will bill your international insurance carrier directly if applicable.
If needed, is there a financial assistance program for international patients?
DMC International Services does not offer financial assistance, however, fees are significantly discounted and package pricing is offered to self-pay patients to ensure rates are competitive and processing is efficient.  
 If I need overnight accommodations where would you suggest I stay?
DMC International Services has established corporate rates with several area hotels and will assist you in finding accommodations to best suit your needs. Visit our Accommodations Page for more information. *To Accommodations Page link*

FAQ – Canadian Citizens


Do I need a referral from a physician?
Referrals are not needed for consultation appointments. Diagnostic services such as MRI, CT, ultrasounds, etc. require a prescription from your Canadian physician.

Under what circumstances will the Canadian Ministry of Health cover the cost for services received from DMC?
The Ministry may cover for services that are not available in Canada or if it is substantiated that there is a very long wait. Traditionally the Ministry does not cover clinical trials. Your Canadian physician has the ability to submit a request to the Canadian Ministry of Health for pre-approval/authorization. If the services are pre-approved the Canadian Ministry will then pay for your services. You may obtain these forms via the Ministry of Health website at Prior Approval Application for Full Payment of Insured Out-of-Country Health Services or contact your local Ministry of Health Office.

If the Canadian Ministry of Health does not approve my request for out-of-country services what are the alternatives?
If you or your spouse has U.S. or international health care coverage, DMC International Services will work with you to obtain authorization for payment by your insurance carrier. You also have the option to pay directly for services. All fees are significantly discounted for self-pay patients.

FAQ – Arabic Culture

Do female patients have the option of treatment by a female doctor? 
Yes, your International Services Coordinator will schedule you with a physician of your preference. DMC has many Arabic speaking female physicians, especially in the area of childbirth and gynecology.

During treatment, must a female patient open her veil? 
If a test or doctor’s visit requires removal of the veil, this will be explained to the patient. More details can be obtained by speaking to your International Services Coordinator.

Will I be able to get Halal meat?
Halal meat is available at DMC hospitals for our patients. The Detroit Metropolitan area has a variety of Arabic stores where Halal meat may be purchased, and your International Services Coordinator can provide you with a list of resources of these stores.

Is there a mosque or chapel in the hospital or nearby
Yes, there is a prayer room located on the DMC main campus as well as an Interfaith Center. Your International Services Coordinator will be able to provide you with a list of the nearby mosques and chapels.