Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Program


The Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Program encompasses the special knowledge and skill required of cardiologists to care for patients receiving cardiac interventional procedures.

During training in interventional cardiology, the Fellow's clinical experience includes opportunities to diagnose, select therapies, perform interventional procedures, and manage and judge the effectiveness of treatment(s) for inpatients and outpatients with chronic coronary artery disease, acute coronary syndromes, valvular heart disease, and peripheral and carotid arterial disease.

As a subspecialty educational program in interventional cardiology, the section functions as an integral component of an accredited subspecialty residency in cardiovascular disease and is organized to provide training and experience at a sufficient level for the fellow to acquire the competency of a specialist in the field.

Interested candidates should contact:
Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Coordinator

Interventional Cardiology Information