Pharmacy Residency Programs

The Detroit Medical Center (DMC) Departments of Pharmacy Services have been training pharmacy residents since 1981 and are committed to providing high quality postgraduate training in contemporary hospital pharmacy practice.  The programs are designed to meet each resident’s individual needs and assist them in attaining their personal and professional goals.  Each DMC hospital offers unique opportunities for pharmacists who desire advanced training in pharmacy practice in a variety of settings. The Post Graduate Year One (PGY1) pharmacy residency programs emphasize all aspects of clinical and pharmacological management in adult and pediatric patients.  The Post Graduate Year Two (PGY2) pharmacy residency programs contribute to the development of clinical pharmacists in specialized areas of practice.


DMC Pharmacy Residency Mission Statement:


The mission of the Pharmacy Residency Programs at the Detroit Medical Center is to assist residents in transitioning from entry-level to advanced or specialty-trained practitioners in the health-system environment and becoming professionals who optimize medication use for individual patients and specific patient populations. The DMC advances the professional practice level and knowledge base of the resident through a progression of experiences tailored to their individual needs.

About Pharmacy Residency Programs

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