Melissa's Spine Surgery Story

Melissa enjoyed yoga, biking and hiking with her active family. She never imagined that a herniated disc would leave her completely immobile. The pain was constant, from her hip all the way down to her foot. Learn how the orthopedic spine team at the Detroit Medical Center helped Melissa get back on her feet and back to living life again.

LaWanda and baby Benjamin's Story

May 5, 2022

LaWanda’s prenatal care at DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital gave her the personalized experience she wanted. When a fetal echo discovered a potential abnormality with baby Benjamin’s heart, the specialists at DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital and DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan provided the expertise LaWanda and her baby needed. Baby Benjamin was delivered by an experienced team of obstetricians at DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital with the support of pediatric specialists, cardiologists, and cardiac surgeons at DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan who carefully monitored Benjamin’s health before and after birth, and provided him with a life-saving heart transplant.

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