Comprehensive Epilepsy

Michigan's Leader in Epilepsy Research and Care

The DMC/WSU Comprehensive Epilepsy Program is a Level 4 Epilepsy Center — the highest designation of the National Association of Epilepsy Centers. The program is operated in partnership between the DMC and physicians from the University Physician Group of Wayne State University School of Medicine. As Michigan’s leader in epilepsy research and patient care, the program uses state-of-the-art diagnostics and advanced medical and surgical treatments to control seizures and improve quality of life for adults and children suffering from epilepsy.

The role of a specialized epilepsy center like ours is to provide:

  • Comprehensive evaluation to establish an accurate diagnosis and provide a tailored treatment plan to the specific diagnosis
  • Resources for epilepsy education to patients and their caregivers
  • Identify candidates and provide surgical treatment to patients with refractory epilepsy

Read the referral guidelines for epilepsy centers from the National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC).


At the DMC/WSU Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach ensures that every patient benefits from the collective knowledge and expertise of nationally recognized epilepsy researchers and clinicians. The program even offers specialized care for pregnant women with epilepsy. It’s this level of specialized expertise — and a full array of the latest diagnostic services and treatment options — that make the DMC Harper University Hospital a regional destination for comprehensive epilepsy care.


  • Epilepsy treatment options
  • Patient stories


Highlights of the program include:


  • Multidisciplinary team of epilepsy specialists develop personalized plans of care for each patient
  • Phased approach to evaluation, which is only available at a regional epilepsy program
  • State-of-the-art Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) with video and time-tracked EEG monitoring for precise evaluation
  • Advanced diagnostic imaging capabilities, including high resolution 3T MRI, CT, functional MRI (fMRI), diffusion tensor imaging with fiber tracking, SPECT and PET scans
  • Holden Neurophysiology Lab provides advanced muscle and neuromuscular testing
  • Highly skilled neurosurgeons with extensive experience performing the most complex epilepsy procedures
  • Nationally recognized leader in the treatment of epilepsy during pregnancy
  • Convenient locations in Detroit and Novi, Mich.


Advanced Epilepsy Treatment Options

The DMC/WSU Comprehensive Epilepsy Program provides the full range of treatment options for people with epilepsy — from medical management with seizure medications and neuromodulation treatment to complex neurosurgical procedures. The program even offers specialized care for women with epilepsy during pregnancy and women who are contemplating pregnancy.

There are two main goals of epilepsy treatment:

  1. Effectively controlling seizures
  2. Minimizing treatment-related side effects

It is possible to achieve these objectives in many, but not all, patients.

Seizures can often be prevented with seizure medications, but this does not eliminate the underlying causes of epileptic disorders. In most patients, medications are effective in controlling seizures. However, a substantial number of patients continue to suffer from ongoing seizures despite medical treatment. This is known as “medically intractable epilepsy.” For these patients, surgical treatment may be appropriate.

Epilepsy Surgery

As a Level 4 Epilepsy Center, the epilepsy surgery program at Harper University Hospital offers expertise in diagnosis and management of all forms of epilepsy and can provide advanced treatments using both medical and surgical approaches. Neurosurgeons at Harper work closely with neurologists, neuropsychologists, neurophysiologists, and neuroradiologists with special expertise in the evaluation of patients with seizure disorders.

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