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Central Verification Office (CVO)

Request for Privileges and Membership

To apply for privileges and membership at the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) please contact us. You will receive detailed information on how to complete and submit your online application and supplemental forms. If you have any questions regarding a hospital’s scope of services or appropriate clinical privileges, please contact our office. Sign and date all of the supplemental forms where indicated and attach all requested supporting documentation. Forward your complete application packet, along with the application fee, to the DMC Central Verification Office (CVO) at the address noted below. Please be aware that the DMC CVO will not accept incomplete application packets.


Detroit Medical Center – Central Verification Office (CVO)
HUTZEL BUILDING, 4707 St. Antoine, Ste E510, Mail Code 522, Detroit, MI 48201-1498
Phone: (313) 993-0203 | Fax: (313) 993-0010
[email protected]


Medical Staff Bylaws/Rules and Regulations