Patient Referrals

Physicians credentialed with the DMC can take advantage of referrals from the DMC’s Health Access Center, which processes over 30,000 calls each month. The Health Access Center schedules appointments for both primary care and specialty physicians affiliated with the DMC, as well as diagnostics (MRI, Ultrasound, CT Scan, etc.).

Complete the DMC credentialing process

Once you have completed the credentialing process, or if you have already done so, you may enroll in the DMC Health Access Center’s Physician Referral Service Program. There is NO charge for our service to you or your patients!

Our representatives use their extensive experience in assisting patients in setting up an appointment. Once appointments are confirmed, your new patient receives a thank you note and confirmation letter indicating the appointment date and time, your name, and their basic information.

In addition, your profile will be automatically added to the DMC’s Physician Referral Web Site. More and more, patients are looking to the Internet to find a physician that best matches their needs in terms of practice, location, language, and insurance compatibility. This web tool lets them find the right doctor, in the right place, and even e-mail an appointment request to our Health Access Center.

Once enrollment is completed, your data will be verified and added to our database. Your practice will then receive:

  • Referrals and appointments
  • Complimentary semi-annual referral/appointment reports
  • A dedicated Health Access Center representative, who will periodically assist in information updates.

Making Referrals

It’s easy for physicians to refer a patient to a DMC specialist, outpatient site or service. All these and many other services are coordinated by the DMC’s powerful Health Access Center, which fields over 30,000 calls each month, connecting patients to the healthcare they need. It’s also a helpful tool when counseling direction when counseling patients who plan to schedule their own service.

DMC Health Access Center is the home to the DMC Physician Referral Web Portal, an electronic tool designed to provide physicians with accelerated referrals to DMC specialists and diagnostic services. 

To find a specialist for your patient, call the Health Access Center at (888) DMC-2500, or search our physician database with the online Find a Doctor service.

To schedule an MRI, call the Health Access Center at (888) DMC-2500.