Surgical Services

DMC holds a leadership position in all key surgical disciplines, by recruiting the best physicians and serving as a training ground for surgical specialists in areas such as bariatric surgery, cardiology, urology, pediatric surgery, etc. Our focus on patient-centered care begins with our electronic medical record, and includes every step of the surgical process from pre-surgical preparation to post surgical care and rehabilitation.

Robotic surgery is now used routinely in cardiac surgery, general surgery, women’s reproductive surgery and urological surgery at DMC. The solid organ transplantation discipline is a regional leader.

For an appointment, a second opinion or more information, please call (888) DMC-2500.

Adult Surgical Services

When surgeons at other hospitals are faced with difficult and high-risk cases, they often look to surgeons at Detroit Medical Center, including DMC Harper University Hospital, DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital, DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital, DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital and the DMC Surgery Hospital. DMC surgeons are nationally known for:

  • Pioneering innovative surgical procedures
  • Providing the highest level of care for complicated and high-risk cases
  • Teaching a new generation of highly skilled surgeons

DMC is a leader in surgical technology and research. Our Minimally Invasive Surgery Programs feature the most advanced equipment — including the daVinci® Surgical System powered by state-of-the-art robotic technology at Harper, Sinai-Grace and Huron Valley-Sinai Hospitals.

At Harper, An onsite surgical simulation lab gives surgeons an opportunity to spend hours practicing new laparoscopic surgical procedures before performing them on patients. Harper University Hospital and Wayne State University are an official test center for surgeons interested in becoming certified in the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS).

DMC surgeons are experts in bariatric, cardiothoracic, general, gynecologic, neurosurgery, oncologic, oral, orthopaedic, plastic, podiatry, sinus, transplant, trauma, urologic and vascular surgery. As leaders in clinical research, they bring many of their discoveries and innovations into the surgical suite — often leading to improved outcomes for patients.

Pediatric Surgical Services

Through our academic affiliation with Wayne State University and Michigan State University, DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan is an innovator in education and research offering residency and fellowship training as well as extensive research to improve future treatment options for our patients.

From appendectomies to heart transplants, we are proud to offer the state’s widest range of pediatric surgery options with a multidisciplinary team of surgeons and other health care providers delivering an unparalleled level of pediatric surgical care.

If your child requires surgery, in some cases multidisciplinary care is required – with pediatric surgeons from different subspecialty areas working together to provide the best care to children with complex injuries or congenital anomalies. The availability of these multidisciplinary pediatric surgical teams is one of the many advantages of treatment at DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan. As an added convenience DMC offers outpatient surgery in several pediatric specialty areas at the DMC Surgery Hospital in Madison Heights.

Many innovative surgical and medical technologies are available at DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan, including robot-assisted minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. Children’s Hospital is also home to Michigan’s top pediatric imaging center. Using advanced imaging technologies and kid-friendly protocols, our pediatric imaging staff are experts at working with children of all ages to get the best images. This can be vitally important in preparation for delicate surgical procedures.

An expert team of pediatric anesthesiologists also supports the surgeons of Children’s Hospital of Michigan. By focusing on children, our anesthesia team is able to provide a precise level of anesthesia or sedation in a kid-friendly environment. Children's Hospital also has its own pain service run by anesthesiologists that are available to assist with post-operative pain management 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Child Life Specialists work closely with children to help them understand upcoming surgical procedures and the recovery process. For those in need of rehabilitation, pre and post operation rehabilitation services are also available.

The surgeons of DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan are committed to providing innovative surgical options for the treatment of injury, disease and congenital anomalies. They also work to reduce the need for surgery through a number of injury prevention programs.

Should you require further information about pediatric surgery, please contact us or call (313) 745-KIDS (5437) or toll-free (888) DMC-2500.