School of Histotechnology

The School of Histotechnology at DMC University Laboratories (DMCUL) is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS). The School of Histotechnology is located on the Kresge Campus at 4707 St. Antoine, SG34, Detroit, MI 48201.

The program accepts 4-6 students each year for 32 weeks of clinical training. The program starts in January and ends in August. However, the program reserves the right to change the start and completion dates.

DMC University Laboratories School of Histotechnology mission is committed to serving the health care needs of the community, state, and nation by providing quality of education for the Histotechnology profession.

The overall objective of the program is to provide adequate and meaningful experiences for the student in order to prepare him/her to perform with competence. On completion of the program the student will be able to receive and accession tissue specimens, prepare tissue specimens for microscopic examination, perform special stains, identify tissue structures and their staining characteristics, perform preventive and corrective maintenance on equipment, and demonstrate professional conduct and interpersonal communication skills with patients, laboratory personnel and other health care professionals. The school provides every graduate the opportunity to meet or exceed the requirements necessary for ASCP national certification exam.

The Committee of Allied Health and Education, January 1978 (revised 1979) dedicate the program to Fair Practices in education as set. Veterans are also encouraged to apply. The Histotechnology program does not discriminate against applicants based upon race, color, creed, sex, non-disabling handicap, material status, height or weight.

Violet Swazer, MSA, HT (ASCP), Program Director, Phone #: 313-745-4912, Email: [email protected]

The School of Histotechnology