Clinical Experience & Cases/Procedures

Our fellows will be exposed to a variety of treatment modalities and various techniques in which they are applied. All fellowship core faculty are fellowship trained and hold certificates of added qualification (CAQ) in sports medicine. Our faculty’s extensive knowledge in sports medicine from different training backgrounds gives our fellows a unique opportunity to see several different approaches/methods when applying our available treatment modalities.

  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections
  • Intra articular injections; steroid & viscosupplementation
  • Prolotherapy
  • Trigger point injections (TPI)
  • Tenex procedure
  • Fluoroscopy guided injections
  • Osteopathic manipulation techniques (OMT)
  • Musculoskeletal acupuncture
  • Concussion management & ImPACT baseline concussion screening
  • Compartment pressure testing


Our fellowship is an ACGME accredited program allowing graduates to sit for the CAQ sports medicine examination.


DMC Sports Medicine Fellowship does not require moonlighting. However if a Fellow would like to moonlight he/she must meet the below requirements:

Fellow education is a full-time endeavor; the Program Director must ensure that moonlighting does not interfere with the ability of the Fellow to achieve the goals and objectives of the educational program.

During the time moonlighting has been approved. The Fellow will not be permitted to exceed moonlighting 3-4 times per month and/or only 1 weekend per month.

The following requirements must be met before a Fellow may schedule moonlighting;

  • Fellows must hold a permanent Michigan medical license (not an educational limited license), a Michigan CS‐3 (Controlled Substance) pharmacy license and an independent federal DEA number in order to moonlight
  • Liability coverage for moonlighting activities is NOT provided through DMC-GME. It is the responsibility of the Fellow to ensure that appropriate liability coverage is in place for his/her moonlighting activities
  • Internal and external moonlighting must be counted toward the 80‐hour weekly limit on duty hours

Additional information for requirements per the GME will be available for any Fellow applying to ensure GME compliance

Fellow On-Call

  • Clinic Call – home based call covering all DMC Sports Medicine Clinics. Fellows cover call for all attending’s working in the clinics. Fellows are scheduled approximately 5-6 days of call per month.

Duty Hours

All fellows are required to follow resident/fellow work hours regulations set forth by the ACGME. Work hours will be recorded by the fellows and monitored by the program staff.