Visitor Restrictions

Visitor Restrictions

The safety of our patients, visitors and staff is our top priority. To help create a safe environment for everyone, effective immediately, the DMC has put in place temporary visitor restrictions.

No visitors will be allowed for adult inpatients at DMC Harper University Hospital, DMC Heart Hospital, DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital, DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital, DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital, and DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital.

One support person per day may visit for the following:
  • Women with complications related to pregnancy.
  • Adults with a cognitive, physical, developmental, or mental disability requiring help with communication and/or activities of daily living, exercising power of attorney or court-appointed guardianship, signing consents, and/or keeping the patient safe or calm.
  • Individuals in the process of being admitted to the hospital. Once the patient has been registered, the support person should leave the building.
  • Individuals who are in serious or critical condition, with DMC leadership approval.
  • Approved community clergy visitations. These visitors can be an addition to the support persons allowed in the exceptions listed above.
  • Other extreme circumstances may be approved by hospital leadership.

The following guidelines apply to the visitors/support persons who meet the above criteria.

  • A visitor for a patient in procedural care areas, the Emergency Department, clinics and those undergoing outpatient procedures will wait in a designated COVID SAFE area.
  • Visitors who test positive for COVID-19 or those who have symptoms are not allowed to provide visitor support in any hospital area including clinics and procedural area.
  • Visitors are not allowed for those hospitalized patients who test positive for COVID-19 or those who have symptoms.
  • Visiting hours are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., 7 days per week.
As patients and visitors enter the hospital, they will be asked screening questions, have their temperature taken, are required to wear a face mask, will be asked to sanitize their hands, and must observe social distancing.

An exception to any limited visitation policy at the hospital is patients with disabilities who require support from family members or staff in order for them to effectively communicate with medical personnel or otherwise receive equal access to medical treatment.