Outpatient Knee Replacement Surgery Now Offered at Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital

Dec 3, 2019

Total knee replacements are now being performed on an outpatient basis at DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital in Commerce Township.

According to Dr. Mark Mackey, Chief of Orthopedic Surgery, candidates for going home the same day as their joint replacement procedure are those without complicated health conditions that need to be monitored overnight, and where there are no ongoing pain management challenges.

“Research shows that patients have better outcomes the sooner they go home and can rehabilitate comfortably in their own surroundings,” Dr. Mackey explained. “National data also indicates there is a decreased risk of infections the sooner patients go home.”

One of the newest orthopedic surgical options provides patients the advantages of a full-service hospital such as advanced safety protocols, orthopedic surgery team experience, and on-site backup equipment with the convenience of an outpatient facility.

The first outpatient knee replacement surgery at Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital was in October. Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital can perform the total knee replacements with or without robotic-arm assistance. The Commerce-based hospital has performed more than 2,100 robotic-arm assisted hip and knee replacements since 2012.

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