Nationally recognized rehabilitation center opens site in Southgate

Sep 26, 2023

DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan brings high-level physical therapy services back Downriver after pandemic closure

The nationally recognized DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan has opened a new location in Southgate, bringing back high-quality therapy services the Detroit Medical Center rehabilitation hospital is known for to patients Downriver.

The new DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM) site, opened July 24 at 14510 Northline Road, just west of Dix-Toledo Road, and replaces the former site at the Trenton Athletic Club. That site closed during the COVID-19 pandemic when the athletic club shut down in March 2020.

Deborah Sterman-Kolin, manager of RIM’s Rehabilitation Services, said the new facility offers advanced treatment options for patients displaced by the 2020 closure. RIM is ranked as one of the Nation’s Best Physical Rehab Centers by Newsweek.

“This beautiful, standalone facility offers everything needed for all levels of physical therapy and rehabilitation,” Sterman-Kolin said. “Our experienced staff specializes in getting patients back to their active lives after an injury, illness or surgery, with advanced orthopedic treatments. We’re very excited to be back in the Downriver community.”

The 1500-square-foot facility features a therapeutic gym, office space, one enclosed treatment area and three additional private treatment areas. In addition to traditional physical therapy, Southgate offers:

  • Ultrasound therapy to help reduce inflammation and increase bloodflow;
  • Stimulation therapy to regain muscular activity after an injury;
  • Traction therapy to offer assistance with neck and lower back injuries
  • New equipment, including an upper-body ergometer, recumbent bike and Nu Step;
  • Traditional equipment, including treadmill and rebounder.

Lead physical therapist Amy Slowik, who also lives Downriver, has more than 20 years of experience and is a certified Pilates instructor

“She has a lot of experience in core stability activities, which is so important for all rehabilitation,” Sterman-Kolin said. “Your core is what centers you as you recover, and it is very important for posture and balance.”

Slowik quite literally wrote the book on rehabilitation, too: she co-authored a textbook on therapeutic exercise and chapters of another on dance rehabilitation. Slowik is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, with expertise in returning both professional and recreational athletes to top form.

“RIM Southgate wants to be a place where we can help clients feel and move better, but also a place where they can learn how to keep themselves moving well long after their rehab,” Slowik said.

RIM designs a personalized therapeutic plan for each patient, based on their needs and goals. Therapists work one-on-one with patients throughout their entire course of treatment.

“The real-time feedback the therapist provides at RIM Southgate is a big part of the rehabilitation,” Slowik said. “We’re guiding them in all aspects of their rehab, with a lot of personal attention.”

Sterman-Kolin said potential future plans include adding more therapists and services, including an athletic trainer.

“We really strive to provide care above and beyond,” she said.

To make an appointment, call 313-326-3270. For more information, visit

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