10 Easy Ways to Ease into Exercise

Jan 5, 2021

Getting in better shape doesn’t have to be a major chore. Step one, get started. Make it easy on yourself. Just a few minutes of activity each day counts and before you know you will be looking forward to your daily workout. Here are some ideas to help you get in the fitness groove and keep you going.

Take a walk
Start with 10-minutes at a brisk pace and work up 30 minutes daily.

Strengthen your muscles
Eight to 10 reps/two days per week of resistance, hand weights, push-ups or planks.

Stretch, dance, extend – anything that will increase your joints’ range of motion.

Move more, sit less
Some is better than none so move it whenever you can.

Make it a part of your day
Schedule a specific workout time every day and stick to it.

Make it social
Work out with a partner or join a class or recreational league.

Get a fitness tracker or watch
Monitoring your daily and weekly progress will only motivate you.

Reward yourself
Treat yourself with a smoothie or new running shoes when you reach a personal goal.

Kick it up a notch with a friendly fitness challenge
Make it a fun competition among colleagues, family or friends.

Stay healthy
For optimal results, eat a balanced healthy diet.

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