After waking up in extreme pain, Gene collapsed at home and was taken to an area hospital where he was diagnosed with a Type A aortic dissection. They could not provide the care he needed and two more hospitals also declined. The call to the DMC gave Gene a chance to survive. The DMC cardiovascular team repaired the aortic dissection, and put him on the road to recovery. Gene regained his strength through physical therapy at the DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan. When asked about his DMC experience, Gene shared, “The DMC helped me to enjoy my 85th Christmas this year with my family.”

Edward’s Story

Sep 18, 2020

As a retired first responder, Edward Mainguy never imagined he would be on the receiving end of help following a car accident. After being diagnosed with a spinal cord injury, Edward began the long road to recovery. With the help of his rehab team at DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, Edward regained his mobility and independence, and continues to set new goals for himself. To learn more visit