I feel 10 Years Younger After Hip Replacement Surgery

Renee shares her experience following total hip replacement surgery at the Detroit Medical Center (DMC). She was shocked at how quickly she was able to return to her active lifestyle and says she feels 10 years younger. You don't have to live in pain.

Alinda's Breast Cancer Story

Sep 18, 2023

Alinda is all too familiar with the word ‘cancer.’ It runs in her family. So, when Alinda was conducting a breast self-exam and found a lump, she immediately booked an appointment with her gynecologist who referred her to DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital for a biopsy.

At her breast biopsy, Alinda was impressed by the compassion shown by her doctor. “The doctor wanted to make sure I was comfortable during my biopsy and not exposed,” Alinda said.

Alinda Miller2

This small act by her care team left Alinda feeling supported during what could have been a very lonely experience.

“The physicians and nurses at DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital were always attentive to my emotions and needs,” she said.

When the biopsy results came back, Alinda was formally diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. Immediately the oncology team at DMC Sinai-Grace stepped into action scheduling and performing two surgeries in December 2021. Treatment also included three months of radiation, which she completed in January, February and March of 2022.

Alinda encourages all women to perform regular breast self-exams.

“Know your body; be aware of any changes,” she said, “You know your body better than anyone else.”

After four months of treatment, Alinda is now a proud breast cancer survivor.

At DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital, we encourage members of our community to schedule regular breast cancer screenings. If something feels different, do not hesitate to contact your provider. It may save your life.

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