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During flu season from October 2016 through April 2017​, patient visitation is limited to two visitors per patient and children 12 years and over. Some hospitals may have policies that are more restrictive than these proposed guidelines. Visitation limitations are being implemented to reduce transmission of flu and other respiratory infections for both patients, visitors and health care professionals.

The flu season in southeast Michigan usually begins around October and ends around the middle of April or early May. Just before flu season begins, Detroit Medical Center (DMC) works to ensure that all DMC employees and patients are informed about where to get vaccinated, when it is available and why getting the "flu shot" each year prevents the spread of flu infections and safeguards the health of DMC employees, patients, and their families.

The information maintained on this site is intended to keep both the public and employees informed of the latest developments regarding the flu vaccination and other flu infection preventive measures.

To talk to a DMC Nurse 24/7 about the flu, call toll-free: (888) DMC-2500

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