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New Artery Stent Graft for Limb Salvage

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DMC Vascular and Endovascular Specialists, Drs. Jeffrey Rubin and Yevgeniy Rits are the first in the State of Michigan to begin using a newly FDA approved stent graft device for the treatment of peripheral arterial disease and limb salvage.

The new device, called an endoprosthesis, is 25 cm long - the longest stent graft available and is designed to cover long segments of arteriosclerotic blockages in the superficial femoral artery, the long artery within the thigh that supplies oxygen rich blood to the lower leg.  Currently, patients with lesions over the length of the artery may require the use of multiple covered stents, aligned end to end, and installed via open surgery.


The new longer stent graft is positioned using minimally invasive endovascular techniques.  This new stent graft is called the “Gore VIABahn” endoprosthesis, is the only device of its kind approved for treatment of blockages in both the superficial femoral artery and the iliac artery.


The primary patency or open/unobstructed state of the vessels after one year of implantation was 78% for the Gore VIABahn device, and 54% for bare metal stents in comparison.  In lesions that were at least 20 cm in length, the patency rate was 73% in the VIABahn device group and 33% in the group who had received bare metal stents.  The results that were obtained using minimally invasive endovascular techniques and Gore VIABahn devices were similar to those achieved using open surgical techniques.  Therefore, this stent provides a completely percutaneous alternative to open femoral to popliteal bypass surgery.


Drs. Rubin and Rits are the only Vascular and Endovascular Surgeons in the region who are also combining “remote atherectomy” employing the LeMaitre EndoRE and VIABahn covered stents together. 

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Jeffrey Rubin, MD

Yevgeniy Rits, MD 

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“This new approach dramatically improves the treatment of peripheral arterial disease” says Jeffrey R. Rubin M.D. Professor of Surgery at the Wayne State University School of Medicine and Chief of Vascular Surgery at the DMC Hospital System. 

“It makes the procedure swifter and the recovery time is also accelerated since the procedures are performed using minimally invasive techniques.  Previously, a patient undergoing treatment for this type of disease would expect to be in the hospital one week or more and would have at least two sizeable incisions.  With this new application they can return home as early as the same day.  In addition, since this procedure allows us to remove the entire occlusive plaque from the blocked artery, and then stenting the bottom portion of the artery using the covered stent, excellent flow dynamics are achieved and good long-term results are anticipated.  We feel this is a definite improvement upon using balloons and stents without debulking these totally blocked arteries.”


These procedures take place in the DMC Harper University “hybrid room” which is a state of the art facility wherein open surgical procedures, minimally invasive, and hybrid procedures which combines open and minimally invasive procedures are performed.  This has been referred to as a “high-tech hive of vascular care and imaging technology”.


For more information regarding minimally invasive endovascular procedures using VIABahn or minimally invasive procedures using remote endarterectomy devices contact the Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery which is part of the Cardiovascular Institute at DMC at (313) 745-8637.


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