Robotic General Surgery

The thought of surgery is often unpleasant. But the reality of surgery doesn’t have to be. With the cutting-edge da Vinci surgical robots, our expert surgeons can perform a variety of procedures resulting in less pain, less scarring, and less recovery time. These procedures are offered at Detroit Receiving Hospital in Midtown Detroit, Harper University Hospital in Midtown Detroit, Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital in Commerce Township, and Sinai Grace Hospital in Northwest Detroit.


When tissue in your abdomen or groin pushes through an opening that isn’t meant to be there, it’s known as a hernia, and the only way to repair it is with surgery. Our surgeons can perform minimally invasive procedures to put everything back where it belongs, using a da Vinci surgical robot to repair your hernia through just a few small incisions for minimal scarring and minimal pain.

GERD or Hiatal Hernia

When the valve between your stomach and the bottom of your esophagus doesn’t do its job, your stomach contents could rise into your esophagus. This is called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), or a hiatal hernia. If you’re experiencing heartburn, coughing, wheezing, asthma, pneumonia, or nausea and vomiting from your GERD, a surgeon could fix it with a minimally invasive procedure. Assisted by the da Vinci robot, the surgeon would be able to tighten that valve, working through a few very small incisions.


If your doctor determines that your gallbladder needs to be removed, it can be removed laparoscopically through several tiny incisions—or even one incision. With the da Vinci surgical robot, our surgeons can perform a cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal) through a minimally invasive procedure. In many cases, the surgery can be performed through one incision inside the belly button, leaving a nearly invisible scar.


Disorders of the colorectal system—diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, rectal prolapse, large polyps, or other conditions—can range from inconvenient to life-threatening. Diet and lifestyle changes may get the condition under control, but in some cases, surgery is the answer. Our surgeons can use the da Vinci surgical robot to remove part or all of the diseased colon, or return function to the rectum, through a minimally invasive procedure. The surgery can be performed through five small incisions, leaving you with better colorectal function and without significant scarring.

Other procedures

Other robotic surgical procedures performed by our surgeons:

Splenectomy: Removes the spleen

Adrenalectomy: Removes the adrenal glands

Pancreatic surgery: Includes procedures that remove masses from the top of the pancreas (known as the Whipple procedure), and procedures that remove masses from the body or bottom of the pancreas (known as distal pancreatectomy)

Gastric mass removals: Removes masses from the stomach

Small bowel mass removal: Removes masses from the small intestine

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