Sports Performance Academy

Are you ready to raise your game to the next level? Our Sports Performance Academy is designed to give an athlete performance enhancement instruction and training in their specific sport. We help athletes of all levels recover from an injury, reduce their risk of injury and build strength and power. Our Sports Performance Academy has several locations throughout southeast Michigan. We provide several training options:

Sport Specific Training

Training can be performed as an individual or in a group, and each program includes sports specific training in strength, speed, agility, quickness, plyometrics, flexibility and endurance. Programs commonly last 8, 10, or 12 weeks.

Team Training


Designed for teams, including their coaching staff, team training is focused on improving performance through sports conditioning instruction and programs. Programs are individually tailored toward the team’s needs, including general player performance screenings, instruction in warm up and conditioning and performance programs. Training can be performed on or

Individual Athlete Assessments


This program is designed for the athlete who wants to reach their pinnacle of performance. Each athlete is tested with a rigorous assessment similar to the NFL, NBA or WNBA combine. The information gained will not only help you become a better athlete, it will help you understand where you rank in performance measures compared to others in your sport.

Included with each assessment:

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
  • Sport Specific Skill Testing, including DorsaVi motion analysis
  • Sprint Technique
  • Jumping

Coaches Clinics

Looking to further your coaching knowledge in sports performance?  We offer clinics specifically catered to coaches that is sport specific and contains customized content. Commonly requested topics include ACL Prevention techniques; dynamic warm-up recommendations; strength training; injury prevention; nutrition; heat illness, and first aid information.

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To learn more about our Sports Performance Academy or to schedule an appointment, call 313-910-9328 or fill out the form on the right by selecting “Make a physician or physical therapy appointment” and then in the appointment type box, select “Sports Performance Training.”

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