Matt's Sports Medicine Story

Jan 23, 2020

Matt  has played soccer all his life. He’s used to bumps and bruises on the field, but he didn’t expect such a severe injury during a fun pickup game with coworkers.

“I was trying to block a goal and overshot things. All my weight landed on my heel. Instead of my knee bending forward, it went backwards. And, I went down. The pain was incredible.”

Matt suffered a serious injury to his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). He had to keep his weight off his knee and use crutches.  They suggested he try rehabilitation before they did surgery.

“I was pretty disheartened. I do a lot of hiking, biking and sports, and even at work, I had trouble getting into the cars I work on.  Knee injuries can be tricky, and I was really concerned my knee would never be 100% again.”

Matt went to the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan’s Plymouth Outpatient Center for his recovery, where he says he was very motivated to get back on both feet. His therapist had him doing stretches and exercises to strengthen the muscles around his knee. He saw improvement quickly and was even able to avoid surgery. 

“What I really loved about RIM is they understood who I was and what my goals were. They got me started on a plyometric  strengthening program they use for athletes. I  was doing mini hurdles, jumping activities, squats, turning 90 degrees – I would never have fathomed doing those things again!” 

Just one month after his physical therapy ended, Matt went on a family snowboarding trip in Vermont and has been biking and paddle boarding ever since.

“Thanks to RIM, I’m 100% again. The great therapists and treatments helped me get back to my active lifestyle and helped me with something else big. I was able to get down on one knee and ask my girlfriend to marry me.  Fortunately, she said yes!”

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