Radiation Therapy Quality Assurance and Safety

A number of our faculty members are national and international leaders in the delivery of quality care for radiation therapy.

Caregivers are licensed and/or credentialed professionals in all areas of our program. We provide accredited training programs for residents, medical physics residents, and therapists. All members of your treatment team participate in continuing education within our department and nationally to ensure that we provide you with the best care.

To ensure quality treatments, we follow processes that include multiple review steps prior to and during delivery of your course of treatment. You are cared for by a team of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, dosimetrists, therapists, and physicists. After your CT simulation, a treatment plan is created following your physician’s requirements to provide you with the best care. After your physician has approved your treatment plan, a physicist reviews the plan prior to your first treatment. Patients receiving intensity modulated radiation therapy will have the plan reviewed and approved again before treatment can begin.

Prior to the delivery of each treatment, the therapists who care for you at the treatment center verify your physician’s prescription, the plan information, and then the delivery of that plan. The therapists also use the cameras and intercoms to monitor you during treatment. During the course of your treatment, your progress through treatment is reviewed by your caregivers.

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