New Moms Experience 'Gentle C-Section' Using the Clear Drape Option During Delivery

May 28, 2019

Cher S.

Cher S. delivered her third baby at the Harris Birthing Center in April 2018 via c-section using the clear drape “Gentle c-section” method:

Cher and baby

“As new moms, we want to be able to touch the baby after they are born the way moms who deliver naturally usually do. The clear drape allowed me to touch my baby through the drape right after Dr. Benjamin delivered her.”

Elizabeth Lewis

Elizabeth and baby Elizabeth Lewis of Farmington Hills, MI, delivered her son using the “Gentle C-section,” an optional method when delivering your baby via c-section at the Harris Birthing Center at Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital:

When you don’t have the option [of natural delivery], you want the option to still have the connection and so that’s what the gentle C-section gives you. It gives you the ability to be present, to be connected…They have the clear drape where you can see your baby come out… you feel like you’re a part of the entire room…Dr. Benjamin walked me through that and said, ‘Okay, we’re going to pull your baby out.’ And so, he pulled him out and I could, you know, look and see and then he brought him up to the drape and he put his little hand on the clear plastic and, you know, obviously I was boo-hooing. I was emotional and my husband was right next to me so he got to experience the whole thing with me.”

Gentle C-section Experience

Nursing staff at the Harris Birthing Center

Harris Birthing Center provided support for the entire family and husband