Complex Skull-base Surgery

Skull-base surgery is the operative treatment of lesions found at the complex base of the skull. This area is rich in vital, delicate neural and vascular structures, such as the cranial nerves and cerebral arteries. Procedures in this area carry a higher than average risk — especially if performed by an inexperienced surgeon.

But Harper University Hospital and Wayne State University neurosurgeons are at the forefront of technology which offers a safe and successful means of removing formerly inoperable brain tumors using skull-base techniques. Prior to skull-base surgical applications, many tumors were considered inaccessible, and therefore inoperable. Our neurosurgical group provides the most comprehensive team of skull-base surgery specialists in Michigan. Highly trained surgeons at Harper use specialized techniques and equipment to make each surgery as safe and effective as possible.

Harper neurosurgeons treat patients with a variety of lesions close to the base of the skull. Both benign and malignant tumors are approached via complex paths through the nose, ear, face, orbit of the eye, or mouth by carefully removing the bone around these structures. This access allows our team to reach difficult areas of the cranium without injuring the brain, its nerves, or its blood supply.

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