Patient Care Services Blue Print

Patient Care Services at the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) encompasses most that provide direct patient care. Professional leaders at the DMC strive to support staff in providing quality patient care using clinical expertise, research, collaboration and education, while supporting diversity and enhancing individuality.

We show compassion for those entrusted to our care, recognizing that each patient is unique, valuable, and vulnerable. In honor of their trust, we hold ourselves accountable to a standard of excellence in the care we provide, and a standard of professionalism in our behavior.

Patient care is a continuously evolving art and science. Through research, we add to the body of patient care knowledge, and validate our professional practice. We seek and implement evidence-based practices that have been demonstrated to produce the best possible patient outcomes.

Excellence in patient care can only be achieved in an environment of collaboration, and we coordinate the efforts of the patient care team. In order to promote an environment of safety - communication is clear, open, and respectful. Each team member understands his or her role in providing holistic care that will work to improve the patient’s physical, emotional, developmental, and spiritual health. 

A culture of ownership permeates our practice at every level of our organization, and imparts both the freedom and a mandate to make independent decisions in the best interests of our patients.

Patient Care Leaders recognize that direct patient caregivers are uniquely qualified to design care delivery processes that are operationally sound and patient-focused. It is the role of Patient Care Leadership to facilitate shared decision making, while balancing business and clinical imperatives. Ultimately, we consider ourselves privileged to face each day – promote healing, comfort the dying, alleviate pain, and rejoice in birth.