Cultural Sensitivity

We understand the needs of a culturally and religiously diverse population, and we are proud of the personalized services offered by the Detroit Medical Center. Our highly trained staff will address your specific needs, and strive to maintain the highest concern for your cultural or religious preferences.  Let us know of any special requests you may have, we will be happy to assist.

Arabic Culture and the DMC

Located a mere 10 miles from our Midtown Detroit campus, the city of Dearborn is home to one of the largest Arabic communities outside of the Middle East. This community offers many bakeries, restaurants, shops, mosques and Islamic centers representing a diverse array of Muslims and Arabic culture from around the world.

We recognize that Arabic culture can require special arrangements for medical procedures, and we have International Services Coordinators dedicated to ensuring you have the most comfortable experience possible during your medical stay with the Detroit Medical Center, including support for religious and cultural customs.

DMC offers dietary options to fit your needs, such as Halal meats, and ensure any cultural requirements for exams are met, such as requesting specific providers for women.