Other Women's Services

We pride ourselves on our complete line of healthcare services. Whatever your symptoms, whatever issue you, your family member or your friend is having, DMC Women and Infant Services has the right expert for you.

We understand women’s needs can be different, and out specialty physicians will work with your entire medical team to make sure you receive the compassionate care you deserve. The information below is designed to give you a brief overview of the various services we offer. Click through to find a complete listing of specialty services.

Heart Health - Cardiology

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among American women. Our women’s physicians partner with the nationally known cardiology team at DMC Heart Hospital to provide expert cardiovascular care for women.

Body Image - Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons at the DMC specialize in advanced procedures that help women improve their appearance and restore normalcy after trauma or disease.


Lupus is most common in women, especially women in their childbearing years. Having lupus increases the risk of many other health problems, which is why the DMC provides specialized care for women with lupus.

Mind & Memory

A women’s brain can be affected by the various types of hormone changes that occur throughout life, such as pregnancy or menopause. You may know it as “pregnancy brain” or “menopause brain”, but whatever you call it, these lapses in memory can be quite annoying.

Issues with your mind and memory can be caused by a variety of things, such as changes in your sleep pattern, stress or hormonal changes. It is important to see your doctor if you begin having trouble remembering things, as they can help determine the cause and suggest a treatment.


Menopause isn’t a disease; it’s a normal, healthy part of life! Not long ago, many women looked at menopause as the beginning of the end — the start of old age. But today, women often live half their adult lives after menopause.

Physicians at Hutzel Women’s Hospital are nationally recognized authorities on menopause — working with women to minimize menopause symptoms while conducting groundbreaking research.

Bone Health - Orthopaedics

Physicians at DMC Hutzel Women's Services are using advanced technology, special medications and the latest diet and exercise recommendations to help women prevent osteoporosis, low bone mass and the painful fractures that often go with them. Our DMC Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine experts provide a comprehensive set of orthopedic services, tailored to your needs. From joint pain to broken bones and more, we have the expertise and advanced technology you need.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan offers a full line of physical therapy and rehabilitation solutions. From join pain to pelvic floor rehabilitation and everything in between, they have the physicians and therapists to get you back to your normal activities quickly.

Weight Control & Diabetes

Weight loss specialists at the DMC help women lose weight and discover better health. From medical weight loss options to bariatric weight loss surgery, our weight loss physicians work with you to develop the best plan to achieve your weight loss and weight maintenance goals.

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