Visiting Sports Lecture Archive

DMC Sports Medicine Fellowship Program’s Visiting Lecturer Series invites nationally-recognized experts in Sports and Orthopaedic medicine to bring their clinical excellence to an in-depth study of key topics affecting the practice.

2016 Visiting Lecture Series

Thomas Graham, M.D.
Lessons Learned in the Care of the Professional Athlete/Pioneering and Practicing Mission-Driven Innovation

Derek Ochiai, M.D.
Evolution of Management of Hip Labral Tears/Advances in Hip Arthroscopic Capsular Management.

Volker Musahl, M.D.
Improving Outcomes in ACL Reconstruction/Role of Distal Femoral Osteotomy in Sports Medicine

Henry Backe, M.D.
Current Concepts of Trapeziometacarpal Anatomy and Reconstruction/Anatomy of the Ulnar Side of the Wrist and Surgical Options for Treatment

Anil Ranawat, M.D.
Tibial Osteotomies: Modern Considerations/FAI: Is It Real?

Kenneth DeHaven, M.D.
Relevance in Orthopaedics/Meniscus Repair in the Western World, Historical Review/Twilight Orthopaedics and Clock Repair

2015 Visiting Lecture Series

Derek Papp, M.D.
Hamstring Injuries and Sternoclavicular Joint Injuries

Allston Stubbs, M.D.
Management of the 21st Century Hip/Extraarticular Hip Endoscopy

James Bicos, M.D.
The Patellofemoral Joint/Contact Athlete Instability Talk and Focus on the Latarjet Procedure

William Kesto, M.D. & Todd Frush, M.D.
Meniscus Function and Repair Techniques/Articular Cartilage: Function, Pathology and Repair

Joshua Baumfeld, M.D.
Meniscal Repair 2015 and the Inside-Out Technique/Shoulder Instability: Current Concepts

John Kelly, M.D.
Scope treatment of Massive Cuff tears: How to Reverse Reversomania/Work Life Balance for the Orthopaedic Surgeon

Alex Vaccaro, M.D.
The Management of Cervical Spine Injuries in the Elite Athlete/Medical Errors - Root Cause Analysis

Benjamin Domb, M.D.
The Future of Hip Arthroscopy and Joint Preservation/Robotics in Hip Arthroplasty/"Running a Yard in Your Patient's Shoes"/Implementing Outcomes Research in Your Practice

Jon A. Jacobson, M.D.
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound/Imaging of Musculoskeletal Infection

Luga Podesta, M.D.
Biologics/Stem Cells/Throwing Mechanics

2014 Visiting Lecture Series

Shariff Bishai, D.O., M.S., FAOAO
Cartilage Restoration and Joint Preservation: What Options Do We Have?/The Proximal Biceps and Proximal Biceps Pathology

Nicholas Sgaglione, M.D.
Multi-Ligament Repair and Inside-Out Open Meniscal Repair

Thomas Graham, M.D.
Wrist Arthoscopy and Distal Radius Fixation

Zachary Vaupel, M.D.
Basic Ankle Arthroscopy and Lateral Ankle Instability Repairs and Reconstructions

William C. Meyers, M.D.
Anatomy of the Musculoskeletal Core & Advancements in Diagnoses and Treatments of Core Muscle Injuries

Tal S. David, M.D.
Treatment of Long Head Biceps Pathology and ACL Revisions: Experience from the MARS Group

Joseph P. DeAngelis, M.D.
Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Causes of Shoulder Pain and Clavicle Fracture Treatment Recommendations

George Paletta Jr, M.D.
Pediatric ACL Injuries and SLAP Repair in the Throwing Athelete

David P. Patterson, M.D.
Treatment of the Malaligned Limb and Chondral and Meniscal Deficiency