Advanced Epilepsy Treatment Options

The DMC/WSU Comprehensive Epilepsy Program provides the full range of treatment options for people with epilepsy — from medical management with seizure medications and neuromodulation treatment to complex neurosurgical procedures. The program even offers specialized care for women with epilepsy during pregnancy and women who are contemplating pregnancy.

There are two main goals of epilepsy treatment:

  1. Effectively controlling seizures
  2. Minimizing treatment-related side effects

It is possible to achieve these objectives in many, but not all, patients.

Seizures can often be prevented with seizure medications, but this does not eliminate the underlying causes of epileptic disorders. In most patients, medications are effective in controlling seizures. However, a substantial number of patients continue to suffer from ongoing seizures despite medical treatment. This is known as “medically intractable epilepsy.” For these patients, surgical treatment may be appropriate.