Wayne State University and Hutzel Women’s Hospital are home to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Perinatology Research Branch (PRB).

The PRB’s mission is to conduct clinical and basic research in perinatal medicine and related disciplines with the goal of developing novel diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive strategies to reduce adverse pregnancy outcome, infant mortality and handicap. The PRB also provides research training for physicians, scientists and other health care professionals whose aim is to improve the health care of mothers and their children.

Led by Roberto Romero, M.D., Chief of the Perinatology Research Branch and Program Director for Obstetrics and Perinatology at the NIH, the PRB is making significant contributions to the field of Maternal Fetal Medicine. Romero's team recently found variations in the DNA of pregnant women and fetuses fighting infection associated with an increased risk of premature birth. The study may eventually lead to new ways of identifying women at risk of pre-term delivery and specialized care to help delay birth.

Hutzel is also home to the PRB’s Center for Advanced Obstetrical Care and Research (CAOCR) — a state-of-the-art facility that utilizes the most advanced ultrasound and surveillance techniques. The Center evaluates high-risk pregnancy conditions by conducting ongoing research and providing specialized patient care. Hutzel patients can receive prenatal care and participate in research at the CAOCR. Physician referrals can be made through the patient appointment line at (313) 577-8832.

Make Your Date

Make Your Date Detroit is a program designed to help prevent premature births by giving pregnant women the support and medical interventions they need to 'make their due date'. The City of Detroit is stepping up to ensure that all babies are born healthy and that every mom has the care she needs – and we’re encouraging everyone in the community to help. Whether you need help finding a doctor, making an appointment, or getting insurance coverage, we urge you to sign up now. Because healthy moms and healthy babies are how we create healthier communities and a healthier Detroit. Learn more about NIH PRB here