DMC Cardio Team One

DMC Cardio Team One, the only place in the state where heart specialists are on site, not “on call.” When you come to DMC Harper University Hospital, DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital and DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital with a cardiac emergency, our specialists are ready and waiting to begin care immediately, 24/7, every day of the year.

The DMC cardiovascular team stands ready to perform the necessary procedures, such as therapeutic cardiac catheterizations with stenting, emergency angioplasty, laser atherectomy, peripheral procedures with cryoplasty, pacemaker placement, open-heart surgery, internal defibrillator placement, radio-frequency ablation and more.

No job is more important than guarding YOUR heart. You need to know the brightest and bravest are working for you, always prepared to spot potential danger as soon as it arises and deal with it on the double.

That’s why DMC has the country’s best cardiologists standing watch every second of every day. Constantly on call, this revolutionary team of cardiovascular specialists is ready to react the instant a heart attack strikes you, your family or friends.

Unfortunately, no one can predict when painful, potentially fatal heart problems might surface. At work. In your car or the gym locker room. The middle of the night. On weekends.

A heart attack cannot wait.
That's why DMC Cardio Team One is "on site", not "on call".

Most hospitals across the country strive to treat cardiac patients within 90 minutes. That's the goal. The reality, unfortunately, is often closer to 120 minutes. But those are the OLD RULES.

Cardio Team One has rewritten the rules of response time — and the results could save your life. Every tick of the clock counts when YOU or someone you love is suffering a heart attack. Lost time can mean more damage, longer recovery or even death.

The pioneering "Cardio Team One" approach is to treat patients quickly, half the time of the national standard average which is 90 – 120 minutes. You will be in recovery by the time doctors at other hospitals are merely starting to scrub in. We offer this revolutionary care by keeping a specialized cardiac treatment team on site 24/7, and by streamlining tests and procedures in the ER, Cardio Team One is able to save 60 minutes of your dying heart.

For more information about DMC cardiology services or a referral to a DMC cardiologist, call 888-DMC-2500.