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Detroit Medical Center’s (DMC) record of service has provided medical excellence throughout the history of the Metropolitan Detroit area. From the founding of Children’s Hospital in 1886, to the creation of the first mechanical heart at Harper Hospital 50 years ago, to our compassion for the underserved, our legacy of caring is unmatched.

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Sinai-Grace Hospital Delivers a Personalized Birthing Experience

Jun 29, 2021

“One of the first things I ask my OB patients is ‘what can we do to make your birthing experience more enjoyable?” says Dr. Samara Gibson, obstetrician and gynecologist at Detroit Medical Center Sinai-Grace Hospital. ‘We offer so many options, we want your labor and delivery to be exactly what you want. If that’s having your grandmother with you or going without pain medicine, we do what’s right for you.”

Sinai-Grace Hospital is known for an exceptional experience that starts with highly-trained labor and delivery doctors, nurses and specialists that are ready to take care of you on-site, 24/7.

“We’re prepared for whatever comes your way, from routine to high risk pregnancies. Along with immediately notifying your OB-GYN that you’re here, we have an on-site OB-GYNs and a neonatologist to help with any pre-term babies or babies who need advanced care. Our on-site maternal fetal medical specialists are OB doctors who have an additional three years of high-risk pregnancy training and can handle complications with the mother or baby. We also work hand-in-hand with our nationally acclaimed Children’s Hospital of Michigan should any of the newborns need advanced care for more serious conditions, they’re ready and waiting.”

Sinai-Grace Hospital nurses bring years of experience as health care providers and moms! They monitor and help you every step of the way. After delivery, lactation counselors are available to work with you on breastfeeding your newborn.

Along with a caring team is a premier birthing center made up of spacious, individual delivery suites with showers. These rooms are comfortable for expectant moms, dads and family or friends. The center has birthing balls to help ease labor discomfort and a portable baby monitor for expectant mothers who may choose to walk. Three state-of-the-art operating rooms are just doors away and if the baby needs special care after delivery, our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is within steps.

Sinai-Grace Hospital prides itself on being patient-driven. We look to deliver the safest and most positive experience possible whether your pregnancy is normal or high-risk. We look forward to helping you expand your family. To schedule a private tour of the OB unit at SG, please call (313) 966-6240.