eID Training Videos

The Detroit Medical Center currently uses the Security Access Request Form (SARF) to enable users to request access for applications. Starting Dec. 5, SARF will begin conversion to Tenet's standard eID platform for approval workflow. Conversion will ensure the same standard security access policies and procedures are used across the market while developing efficiencies and supporting compliance/regulatory requirements. Once an application is live on eID, and the contractor registration process is complete, it will be removed from SARF. All new access requests will need to be initiated in eID which can be accessed on eTenet

Use these video links for a quick review of how eID works.

Overview of eID
This training video provides an OVERVIEW of the eID application and is appropriate for all DMC Team members.

eID Overview for Approvers 
This training video is targeted to supervisors/managers and other approvers of access requests and should be completed AFTER the eID Overview training.

How to create a request in eID
This training video provides how to create a request within eID.