student and pager

Pager FAQ

DMC Paging System General Instructions

Be certain the pager is in the ON position to receive pages.

The automated Paging System serving the Detroit Medical Center is integrated with personalized page status selection, a message system and a centralized telephone system.

The Paging System requires that you use your assigned 4 or 5 digit Pager ID number.

It is ESSENTIAL that you keep the system updated as to your availability status. This is accomplished by using any Touch-tone telephone. Your status can also be changed via a card swipe in the Parking Gate System. Failure to maintain your status may prevent you from receiving radio pages or messages.


  1. DIAL 122 (inside the hospital) OR (313) 745-0203 (outside the hospital).
  2. Enter the Pager ID to page, followed by the pound sign (#) -. You will hear the person’s Name or Pager ID and their current Page Status.
  3. Enter your callback number followed by the pound sign (#).
  4. Hang up.


  1. Dial 123 (inside the hospital) OR (313) 745-4050 (outside the hospital).
  2. Enter your Page ID number followed by the pound sign (#).
  3. OPTIONAL: Enter your password followed by the pound sign (#).
  4. Recommended - This will prevent others from listening to your messages or changing your voice prompt.
    Press 2 to Change Page Status
    Press 3 to Change Voice Prompt (Name)
    Press 4 to Retrieve Messages (Numeric)
    Press 5 to Change Password
    Select appropriate option.

If you Press 2, you hear your current Page Status. Press star (*) to make a change or press pound sign (#) to return to main menus. Enter appropriate number from options below.

  1. In Surgery, Messages Being Stored.
  2. Not available (NO PAGES, NO MESSAGES)
  3. Available, Wide Area Page (Note 1)
  4. In Hospital, On Page (Note 1)
  5. Not Available, Messages (numeric) Being Stored
  6. Available, Emergency Only (Note 1)
  7. Referred to Other Pager (Note 1)
  8. Referred to Office or Answering Service
  9. Repeat Choices

Press the pound sign (#) to return to the Main Menu

Press 3, you hear your current Voice Prompt.

  1. Press star (*) to change. Record new prompt and press the pound sign (#).
  2. Press the pound sign (#) to return to Main Menu.

Press 4, you are asked to:

  1. Press 1 to hear UNDELIVERED messages. (If there are none, you are automatically returned to the Main Menu).

  2. OR

  3. Press 2 to hear ALL messages. (You hear arrival date & time and phone number to call)
    1. Press 1 to play previous message.
    2. Press 2 to repeat a current message.
    3. Press 3 to play next message.
    4. Press the pound sign (#) to return to the Main Menu.

Press 5, you hear your current Password, if available.

  1. Press star (*) to add or change. Enter new password and press the pound sign (#).
  2. Press the pound sign (#), the session is ended.


To Text Page:
  1. Go to DMC Intraweb.
  2. Locate person by name or pager.
  3. It brings up a list.
  4. Click on person’s pager number if it is green (active).
  5. Type in note and send.

If someone wants to page you from the outside, they must call: (313) 745-0203, then follow instructions in the paging system. Inside the DMC to page someone, dial 122 then follow the instructions in the Paging System.

If you want to change your Pager Status from the outside, call (313) 745-4050.


  • Answer all pages as soon as possible and should be within a 20 minute time span.
  • Change your Pager Status to “Out – Wide Area” at the end of the day.
  • DO NOT turn your pager OFF unless you change your status to “Not Available”.
  • Change your Pager Status at the beginning of the day to “In Hospital”.
  • STAT pages have a “11” at the end of a “00” at the beginning of the call back phone number.
  • Do Not page someone to your pager, page them to a telephone.
  • Place your pager on VIBRATE during ALL conferences and meetings.
  • DO NOT turn your pager OFF during call rotations – you are expected to have the pager on even when you sleep when On-Call.
  • Be sure to include your pager number with your call back telephone number in the event that you are called away.
  • Try to keep the phone line open if you place a page to that line.


Batteries last an average of four weeks and replacements can be picked-up at each hospital’s designated location.

If your pager is malfunctioning, change your Page Status to refer calls to another pager or telephone number. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, exchange your pager at your hospital’s designated location. Then update your Page Status based on your availability.


Telepage numbers
Telepage IN Campus Hospital5-5151
Telepage IN Sinai-Grace Hospital6-3375
Telepage OUTSIDE Campus Hospital(313) 745-5111
Telepage OUTSIDE Sinai-Grace Hospital(313) 966-3375