Needles / Sharps and Policy / Procedures

As a medical student, if you sustain a BBFE injury (Blood or Bodily Fluid Exposure), here are some steps you can take:

  • Report incident to local unit or department supervisor
  • Follow site policy for blood/body fluid exposure treatment (Full Policy)
  • Take source information (Name, Date of Birth, Medical Record Number) to site employee/occupational health department or as directed if after hours
  • Complete incident report as directed. Advise student that they may need to complete an incident report for the facility where the incident occurred and one for the University or school they are enrolled in. WSU Risk Management requires students injured while engaged in training activities to complete a WSU Risk Management incident report.
  • All BBFE incidents should be treated as urgent cases and medical attention should be obtained without delay per current CDC practice standards.

* Please note that you may be financially responsible for your post exposure medical care expenses

Needles/Sharps and Policy/Procedures