Recently Graduated Residents

Alex Alammar: Private Practice

Omar A. Alyamani: Pain Management Fellowship

Hassan Amhaz: Cardiothoracic/Critical Care Combined Fellowship

Michael Andrews: Critical Care Fellowship

Jason Matthew Booth: Private Practice

John Ghanem: Pain Management Fellowship

Lakshman Gollapalli: Private Practice

Denzil Hill: Critical Care Fellowship

Zachary King: Pain Management Fellowship

Timothy Matway: Pain Management Fellowship

Chima Nzerem: Private Practice

Carl Roehling: Private Practice

Larissa Salas: Critical Care Fellowship

Anita Hayat: Private Practice, Flint, MI

Baljoet Singh Bhangoo: Pediatric Fellowship – Detroit, MI

Patrick Charbel Fattouch: Private Practice, Florida

Philip Khoury: Pain Fellowship – Detroit, MI

Hishan Krish: Private Practice – Detroit, MI

Tam Nguyen: Pediatric Fellowship – Detroit, MI

Monique Nchotu: Private Practice - North Dakota

Steven Petrovas: Pain Fellowship – Detroit, MI

Rima Rahal: Critical Care Fellowship - New York

Tyler Jonathan Suchala: Private Practice – Scottsdale, AZ

Eugene Vovchuk: Critical Care Fellowship – University of Michigan

Joshua Evan Yankelove: Pain Fellowship – Detroit, MI


The DMC Residency Program Board Pass Rates and Fellowship Specialites

98% Written Board passing rate

85% Oral Board Passing rate

58% of our grads go to Fellowships
Pain 38%
Cardiac 8%
Critical Care 5%
Pediatric 5%
Regional 2%