Medical Student Research Opportunities

The Department of Anesthesiology at the Detroit Medical Center welcomes Medical School students* and students from the Masters of Science in Basic Medical Sciences (BMS) Program** who are interested in participating in anesthesia research related activities. This is an excellent opportunity for students seeking more information about the practice of anesthesia and anesthesia related research.

For more information, please contact:

George McKelvey, Ph.D.
(313) 598-6036


Stephanie Harris
(313) 745-7233

*Medical school students can elect clinical research as their elective month


Students from the graduate BMS program can elect to use a project literature review for their course Essay Requirement: BMS 7999 - Essays in Basic Medical Science - 3 credits. Or use the research experience to obtain course credit BMS 7996 Research

Research Aims

To facilitate student understanding of research processes, in particular research projects involving the physiology, pharmacology, and clinical management of anesthesia care and perioperative medicine. 

Research Process

Students participating in a research project will be mentored by the corresponding Principal Investigator (attending M.D. anesthesiologist) and the primary resident investigator(s) of the project.  Expected duties, schedules, the period of research participation and potential coauthorship in conference presentation or published studies will dependent on the projects and efforts required. Research locations include Harper University Hospital, Hutzel Hospital, University Pain Clinic, and Detroit Receiving Hospital.


Before commencing any research activity students will be required to complete The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) online Course in The Protection of Human Research Subjects.

Depending on the project requirements, research students may be involved in duties such as:

  • Performing extensive literature searches and/or reviews
  • Collecting study data from sources such as medical databases, patient charts, simulator programs, etc.
  • Assisting in conducting patient questionnaires/surveys
  • Assisting with patient informed consent
  • Collating and analyzing  study data
  • Assisting in the preparation of study results (conference presentations, posters, publications)

*In cases where students do not have access to private secured hospital patient databases, security access may be facilitated following Anesthesiology Department and DMC security approval.

DMC forms       

In addition, medical students will be encouraged to attend weekly education lectures sponsored by the Detroit Medical Center/WSU-SOM Department of Anesthesiology.

Evaluation and References

In addition to course related evaluations/credits, each medical student involved in a research project can receive a written research participation evaluation from the Department of Anesthesiology. For those who have completed their research requirements, evaluations or references by the faculty may be obtained by contacting:

Stephanie Harris
Research Coordinator
3901 John R., Box 162
Detroit, MI 48201
P. (313) 745-7233
F. (313) 993-3889