History of the Residency Program

The first anesthesiology resident training program in the state of Michigan was the Wayne State University program, begun by Dr. Ivan Benjamin Taylor in 1946 at the DMC's Detroit Receiving Hospital. This residency and one at Providence Hospital in Detroit were two of the first 36 approved by the American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA) in the United States and were listed in 1946 ASA newsletter. The other programs in Michigan came later (University of Michigan, Henry Ford Hospital, Sinai Hospital and Beaumont Hospital).

In 1953, Dr. Ferdinand Greifenstein became Chair of the Anesthesiology Department. The clinical caseload and the residency program kept growing. In 1963, Dr. Greifenstein was replaced by Dr. Gianfranco Dal Santo, who expanded the residency program to include all DMC hospitals.   

The Detroit riots of 1967 were a devastating blow to not only the city, but also to its medical school at Wayne State University and all its residency training programs. There were drastic declines in the depth and breadth of training. In 1975, the programs at Henry Ford Hospital and WSU-DMC were closed, leaving only the Sinai program led by Dr. Eli Brown. He was also named Chair at WSU.
In 1998, Dr. Brown retired from WSU and Dr. H. Michael Marsh was appointed his successor. Dr. H. Michael Marsh was not new to Detroit. He had come to Henry Ford Hospital in 1989 and had restarted their residency program, which had been closed since 1975. 

In 1999, Sinai Hospital merged with the Detroit Medical Center. The combined  residency program was under the leadership of Dr. Marsh and, in collaboration with the anesthesiologists at the DMC hospitals, the vision started by Dr. Taylor in 1946 to create a world-class anesthesiology residency was continued.

Between 1999 and 2007, the program became known as the WSU-DMC jointly sponsored program, with Dr. Marsh as Chair and Residency Program Director and Dr. E.J. Chidiac as Associate Program Director. In 2007, the medical school and the medical center decided to stop joint sponsorships of all training programs in all specialties. The anesthesiology program (along with surgery, Internal medicine and others) became solely-sponsored by the DMC, with an affiliation to WSU. Dr. Marsh remained chair at WSU, and Dr. Samir F. Fuleihan assumed the title of Specialist-in Chief (Chairman) of the Department of Anesthesiology at the DMC. Dr. E.J. Chidiac became the Residency Program Director. The DMC allopathic anesthesiology residency program continues its affiliation with WSU and the current WSU Interim Chair Dr. Terry Ellis. 

In 2003, the DMC created an affiliation with Michigan State University's College of Osteopathic Medicine.  A residency in anesthesiology was started, approved by the American Osteopathic Association (A.O.A), and its program director is Raouf Tadros, D.O.  Both programs work together and are managed by the same DMC Department of Anesthesiology at the DMC. The description of our residency on this web site applies to both programs. 

In late 2014, the Detroit Medical Center decided to outsource all anesthesia services to a national company, NorthStar Anesthesia LLC. The leadership of NorthStar contacted the Program Director and began working with him to recruit and retain the core faculty. NorthStar has demonstrated their commitment to the Anesthesiology educational programs (residency and fellowships) through their solicitation of improvement recommendations from key program stakeholders. This included numerous meetings with the residents and fellows.  This is an exciting time in the department, and we anticipate continued collaboration between NorthStar and the Residency/Fellowship Administration to develop and implement changes to improve the educational programs.