As part of their training, residents will actively participate in journal clubs, research conferences, mortality and morbidity conferences, problem-case discussions and didactic conferences. They will be expected to attend national conferences, including the Midwest Anesthesiology Resident’s Conference (MARC) in their CA-1 Year, and the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) National Conference in either their CA-2 or CA-3 Years.

Didactic instruction encompasses clinical anesthesiology and related areas of basic science, as well as pertinent topics from other medical and surgical disciplines. Included in the didactic curriculum are talks on chemical dependence, practice management, and operating room management. 

An outline of our current didactic program includes:

  • Mortality and Morbidity
  • Resident Presentations – Individual 10-15 minute resident presentations on pre-assigned topics.
  • Clinical Anesthesia Conference – Usually a visiting professor or sometimes a member of the faculty.
  • Problem-Case Discussion – A member of the faculty presents a case scenario then directs residents in the critical decision-making process.
  • Multidisciplinary Cardiothoracic Conference – Joint meeting with the Departments of Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, and Perfusion Services.
  • Journal Club – Provides an opportunity for faculty and residents to discuss journal articles that are interesting or controversial in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.
  • Anesthesia Lecture Series – These conferences cover the entire spectrum of anesthetic practice with both basic science and clinical anesthesia material being presented. This session, held weekly from September through May, is usually given by a member of the faculty, but sometimes is preempted by a lecture by a visiting professor.
  • Keyword Reviews – These are moderated by a resident who had a pre-assigned keyword to prepare and distribute, and facilitated by a member of the faculty.  They are held weekly from September through May.
  • Saturday Sessions – About once every six weeks, residents should expect an assignment where their presence is required on a Saturday. This may be the ABA-ASA In-Training Exam, an ACLS course, an ATLS course, a Difficult Airway Symposium, an Anatomy/Regional Anesthesia Course, a Transesophageal Echocardiography Course, a Board Review Course, or Mock Orals.
  • In the June CA-1 Series (occurs in the last month of their internship), our incoming CA-1’s go through an intensive program to prepare them for direct patient care.  During that month, they spend the mornings in the operating rooms with the more senior residents, in an observer mode. They learn about anesthesia paperwork, machine check-up and calibration, proper room setup, and the general flow of the work. In the afternoon, they are in a classroom, reviewing the first half of "Clinical Anesthesia" by Morgan and Mikhael.  They sit through a pre-test and a post-test during that month.