Prospective Residents

Prospective Residents

Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery remains a very competitive specialty. COMLEX scores, clerkship and medical school grades, as well as extracurricular accomplishments are just a few of the criteria used to evaluate potential candidates. Students interested in applying to our residency program are strongly encouraged to rotate at our facility during their 3rd or 4th year.  To schedule a rotation, please contact:

Maria Flatt
3901 Beaubien
Detroit, MI 48201
ph (313) 745-5402 | fax (313) 745-5848 | email

Temporary housing for the duration of the rotation is available, however space is limited.  Please contact Maria Flatt at the email above for more information.


All application materials are processed by the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) at 

The application process requires the following:

1. Completion of the ERAS application form
2. COMLEX/USMLE scores
3. Medical school transcripts
4. Three letters of recommendation from supervising physicians/researchers
5. Dean's Letter 

Interviews are by invitation only and are generally held in November or December.  Priority is given to students who have rotated with our program. Interviews cannot be scheduled until all materials are received by ERAS. Residents will be matched through the National Match Service in mid-February.

For more information, please contact: 

Tracy Kotwicki
1 William Carls Dr.
Commerce Township, MI 48382-2201
ph (248) 937-5085 | fax (248) 937-5088 | email

Maria Flatt
Children’s Hospital of Michigan
3901 Beaubien St
Detroit, MI  48201
ph (313) 745-5402  Fax: (313) 993-0393  email

Study Materials

The AAO-HNS website ( provides several educational resources for medical students.  We highly recommend COOL℠ cases, which are interactive patient scenarios that make use of the latest e-learning technology to prepare the learner for a variety of common otolaryngologic situations.

Other suggested reading:

K.J. Lee - Essential Otolaryngology
Raza Pasha – Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
AAO-HNS – Primary Care Otolaryngology (available online at
ENT Secrets

Specific Expectations

Medical students are expected to be active participants while on service.  Evaluations are based on the following aspects:

  • Medical knowledge - head and neck anatomy, basic otolaryngology concepts as discussed in the above reading material
  • Patient care - participation during rounds, surgeries, and clinic
  • Problem-based learning - 5-10-minute presentation given on patient/topic based on exposure during rotation
  • Professionalism - punctual, engaged members of a team
  • Communication skills, bedside manner
  • Otolaryngology skills - upon completion of the rotation, students should demonstrate proficiency in the following:
    • comprehensive head and neck examination
    • interpretation of audiograms
    • assist flexible laryngoscopy with identification of structures
    • tracheostomy tube change
    • basic wound closure/suturing

Rotation Schedule

Students rotating on the two-week schedule will spend one week with the Harper University Hospital/Detroit Receiving Hospital Otolaryngology team and one week with the Pediatric Otolaryngology team at DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan.

Those on the four-week schedule will rotate two weeks on each service.