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Capital Expenditure Project Descriptions

Sinai Grace Emergency Department-ICU Expansion and Renovation

SGH combined project will consist of new 80 treatment station Emergency Department, a new 50 bed ICU unit, relocation of Outpatient and Ambulatory Radiology services to the existing, vacated Emergency Department -Relocation of the Outpatient Psych Crisis Center from off-site to the existing, vacated Emergency Department. The project also includes the construction of a new Main Entrance, and the conversion of the existing East Tower patient unit into a observation unit. This project consists of 185,000sqft of new construction and 27,000sqft of renovation.


RIM 6th Floor Renovation

Gut-level renovation of the ~14000sqft 6th floor for use as a Traumatic Brain Injury Center. The unit is to include 20 beds- 10 private and 10 semi-private, along with all necessary therapy and ADL functions.

HVSH Private Room Renovation

HVSH Private Room Renovation is designed to add a Private Bed Floor in the space vacated when the New MOB was occupied at HVSH. The new floor will contain 20 new Private beds and allow HVSH to decompress another 20 Semi-private rooms to privates. The project includes all incremental equipment and furnishings to support the 20 beds. 20,736 square feet of renovation.

HVSH ICU Renovation

HVSH ICU renovation is designed to support the addition of 6 incremental ICU beds for Surgical Services. The location is on the 1st floor in proximity to the ED and Surgical Services. HVSH Administration will be relocated to accommodate the renovation. The project includes all incremental equipment and furnishings to support the additional ICU beds. 4037 square feet of renovation.


DRH Patient Care Renovations

DRH Inpatient renovation project is designed to provide private toilet/ showers in all acute care patient rooms, 12 pods, roughly 53,000 s.f. The current design has toilets shared between rooms, and central floor showers. Nursing regularly has to be called to enter adjoining room to unlock door into the toilet, a dissatisfier for patients, family and nursing. Conversion to private toilets reduces bed capacity on floor resulting in a bed license drop from 298 to 272 (26 license reduction). Observation patients are currently being managed in med/ surg beds throughout house. A centralized 30 bed observation unit is being created.


DRH additional OR w/ Pre Op/ Post Op

DRH Surgery project is designed to support an expansion of Orthopedic, and Urology Service Lines. The project is envisioned in two phases; Phase 1 one additional OR, nine additional Prep/ Recovery cubicles, and shell space, Phase 2 Fit-out of shell space and addition to add one more OR, four additional Prep/ Recovery cubicles, and equipment storage. Only Phase 1 (4,000s.f. new, 7,000s.f. renovation) is being implemented at this time.


Children’s Hospital of Michigan Pediatric Specialty Center

CHM Pediatric Specialty Center consolidates outpatient services in a flexible facility that emphasizes primary and preventative care for Children’s Hospital. By facilitating patient access to services, including labs, X-ray and immunization facilities, specialty clinics, and physicians’ offices, the Center’s design fosters a culture of wellness. A general pediatric clinic, comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation clinic, and specialty clinics occupy three floors of the Center while a fourth floor houses physician office suites. This project consists of one floorplate of 24,000sqft and three at approximately 19,000sqft for a total of 83,544 square feet of new construction.

Children’s Hospital of Michigan Patient Tower

CHM New Hospital Addition will comprise five floors and 278 beds, (of which 48 will be incremental), and will be designed with larger inpatient rooms that will accommodate new medical technology and expanded family-centered care services. New construction will total 226,000 square feet and 167,265 square feet of existing space will be renovated. Floor space will increase by about 30 percent overall. Support space for more family-centered care, increased operating room capacity through expanded preoperative and postoperative space, expanded intensive care space, and new technologies are included in the project.

HUH Surgical Services Renovation

Renovations include relocation of the existing Nuclear Medicine department and relocation of Lab Services to create space to move and enlarge pre-op and post-op. Adequate storage and handling areas within the OR suite footprint will be created. Renovated space to enlarge three OR’s for new space-intensive procedures.


HUH Unified Lobby

Create a new single entrance for Harper/ Hutzel Hospital by constructing a new main lobby with approximately 7000 sqft. Sitework improvements include a covered pedestrian walkway from the parking structure to the lobby, a new vehicle drop-off canopy and landscaping enhancements to improve access, vehicular circulation and visibility.


HUH Ground Floor Master Plan

Expand and right-size imaging services including Interventional Radiology, CT, Ultrasound and Radiology on the ground floor. Create a single registration and waiting area for patients and families. Organize the new suite to improve patient and support staff flow.


Cardiovascular Institute and Outpatient Specialty Services Building

Construct a five floor, 150,000sqft building to house Interventional and Non-Invasive Cardiology, Ambulatory Surgery and two floors of Medical Office functions. Invasive Cardiology will house four standard Cath Labs and one swing lab initially, along with two EP labs. Shelled space for two more labs in the future is included and is sized for new technology. Ambulatory Surgery will contain six OR’s with shelled space for two more in the future.


Parking Structure

A 1700 car parking structure is planned for the site currently occupied by the Guest Hosing Building. The structure will serve the new CVI/ Outpatient Specialty Services Building as well as other campus needs. A bridge connecting the new building with the structure is planned. Site improvements include the demolition of the existing Mack Parking Deck.


HUH Unit Renovations

Renovations are planned for 9 Webber South, (9WS) and 5 Brush South, (5BS). 9WS scope is renovation of all existing patient rooms with new toilet rooms and finishes. Existing bed count drops from 44 to 40 to accommodate the construction of the requisite number of handicapped toilet rooms. Support functions are reconfigured and right-sized. 5BS construction is a gut-level demolition and build-back of properly sized rooms, with a compliment of single and double occupancy.


HUH ED Expansion in Current Location

Harper ED currently is split between the grade level floor of the Harper Professional Office Building and the Ground level floor of Harper Hospital. This project allows for construction of approximately 4000sqft of new space to house additional exam rooms and a reconfigured waiting area. Exam room count grows from 22 existing to 37 proposed on one level. The balance of the project constructs one additional trauma room, an emergency delivery room and improved support and exam functions. This project allows the vacated space in Ground level Harper to be used as a 17 bed Observation Unit.

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