61 Day Challenge

61 Day Challenge - Take the Pledge!

What It Is

The DMC 61 Day Health Challenge is a voluntary health education campaign that includes: fitness, nutrition, health education and commitment. More specifically, it is an annual 61 day focus on healthy lifestyle management. People (or groups) that participate in the annual challenge are strongly encouraged to adhere to and manage the requested health challenge.

When It Happens

November 1 through December 31. The campaign is always preceded with a community kick-off.

This Year’s Theme

“Less Sugar, More Steps, Eat More Fruit & Veggies!” Thechallenge is a call to consume less refined sugars, substitute with complex sugars (like fruit), increase physical activity and eat more vegetables.

The Goals

During the 61 days of the event, all participants are challenged to abstain from soda pop, fried foods and “junk” foods and eat more fruit and vegetables while also walking at a moderate pace for at least thirty minutes, several times each week.

The Education Goal

Each Challenge participant is also expected to educate at least one other person on how to live a healthier lifestyle during the 61 days.

Community Partners

We have been fortunate to have the participation of various groups that represent a cross section of our community: Businesses, non-profits, schools, political affiliated, social service agencies, sororities, etc. All these organizations share a similar mission of engaging/encouraging the community to be healthy.